3 Home Projects to Consider to Improve an Elderly Loved One's Home
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3 Home Projects to Consider to Improve an Elderly Loved One’s Home

When you are the relative or friend of an elderly person, you might start to become worried about their living situation and how they will continue to maintain their independence as they age. Rather than constantly fretting about them or forcing them to give up their independence pre-emptively, here are some of the best home projects to try out that could help you to improve your loved one’s home and allow them to stay within it for longer. 

Invest in Rails

If you are only just starting to improve your elderly loved one’s home, investing in rails for their hallways and bathroom is one of the basic steps that you can take. Fixing rails around your senior’s home will reduce the risk of trips and falls and will help those who struggle with mobility to navigate their home. Railings will ensure that they have the support that they need when they need it, and that they can easily get up out of the bath, which can be a major struggle for some older people. However, if you install rails into their home and they are still finding it difficult to remain independent, you might consider looking for a care home for them. A care home will be specially adapted to the needs and mobility of older people. Additionally, there will always be a member of staff on call if there is an issue. Not only this, but in a care home, your loved one will more easily be able to alert someone to the fact that they need medical attention. Therefore, you should look at what Signature care homes in Banstead have to offer and whether it will suit the older person in your life. 

Home Projects- Improve the Lighting

If the lighting is poor in your elderly loved one’s home, they may struggle to get around and may even end up injuring themselves on sharp corners. You may find that they experience more falls and that they find it difficult to carry out daily chores, especially if their eyesight has worsened in recent years. Instead of leaving your elderly person in the dark, you should look at improving the lighting in their home. For instance, you might consider installing artificial strip lights that can ensure that no corner of their home is in shadow, and you might consider installing extra lights on the stairs and in hazardous places so that they can always see where they are going and what is ahead. 

Get a House Alarm

You should also consider installing a house alarm for your elderly relative. Many elderly people are concerned about how vulnerable they are to intruders and criminals and may worry that they will be targeted by burglars. A home alarm can put their mind at rest as this can alert them and their neighbors to any unwanted activity in their home, and some security systems even have a team on the other end who can call the police on your senior’s behalf if they think that there is an issue.

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