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16 DIY Side Tables Adding Beauty and Design to Your Home

Coffee tables are what often people get fixated about but the overly observant may also notice one furniture often disregarded: the side table. Although not as big or wide as a coffee table, the side table is just as important and as useful as any table inside your home. A list has been curated for the individual that loves paying attention to small details, they will definitely be delighted by the DIY side table ideas, cast a glance.

1. Tree stumps are naturally beautiful as side tables

It may not have much storage, but it surely creates an epic impression for anyone because of its natural details and design.

trunk tree with flower

2. Modern look tree trunk and pin legs

You wonder what can you do with a tree trunk slice, here it is the best idea for your diy side table using hair pin legs.

diy side table slice tree trunk


3. Rustic board side table exudes comfort

There is something about stressed wood boards that make a person think about home. How delightful it will be to just relax with this cozy furniture around.

diy side table wooden boards


4. Wire basket transformed into a side table

An elegant way to transform a wire basket into a beautiful side table which will improve your space with a cool design piece of furniture.

wire basket with plant on top


5. Classic but elegant side table made from wood

Wood is the best material that you can work with and transform it into a great piece of furniture such as this side table.

diy side table lamp on it


6. DIY crate and pipe side table helps you get into recycling

You must have seen several other furniture pieces made from crates and pipes, yet this combination never gets old and delivers designs that leave people in awe.

design crate with b


7. Repaint old side tables

If you’re just not into hammering and putting things together, then this idea will surely fit you. All you need is paint of your choice and wood stains and you are done.

diy side table painted


8. Modern side table that doesn’t compromise its use

If you like modern furniture try the most simple diy project side table by using cooper pipes and wood material. This two materials can be transformed in unique pieces of furniture.

cooper pipes and wooden board


9. Turn simple items into your perfect spools side table

Recycling can be fun with this clever idea for a side table that will make your space cooler than before.

diy side table spools


10. Slabs of wood with a modern and functional design

One piece of design that is more easy to do than you think is this modern side table made from wood with a simple lamp that will light your book.

diy side table with wall lamp


11. Make a secret compartment to your side table

No one else is changing the channel while this side table is around, just a piece of furniture where you can hide some items that you want.

vase with cactus and couch


12. Side table made with reclaimed wood

Three simple wooden boards can merge into this design side table that is also functional as well.

diy side table with coffee and books


13. Transform old wood and throw in some pipes

If you value your old side table, then you can make this easy design. You can save the board of your old furniture and have some pipes fixed to act as the foot. Easy peasy!

diy side table industrial style


14. Wooden crates stacked on a pile simply look gorgeous

Recycled crates can be useful to insert into a diy project such as this side table, plus it’s made in the most easy way.

diy side table crates pile


15. Wooden joints transformed into a piece of art

This wooden joint could be your next diy project which can be transformed into a side table or anything you want.

bonsai on table and books


16. Recycled wooden boards

Old crates or scrapped wood will be more useful for a side table than trowing them away so look at this cool idea.

side table with drawer


What do you think about these DIY side tables? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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