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16 Glass Bottle Crafts For Home Decor and Gift Ideas

Bottles do not need to be thrown once you empty them. If you might have purchased a water bottle for college, and are not using it anymore, then these bottles can be recycled, reused or made into these beautiful crafts. So get those hands and mind ready for the amazing glass bottle crafts that follow.

1. Illuminate your room with this crystal studded bottle light

A simple diy project that will add a stunning and impressive design impact to your room. Using only not expensive materials you can create this cool lamp.

blue glass bottle crafts


2. No place like h-o-m-e

Add a little more homey feels in your home with this simple glass bottle design. It’s chic and definitely eye-catching.

home glass bottle crafts


3. Flowers on bottles are the perfect centerpieces for Special Occasions

Reuse wine glass bottles into this centerpieces that will amaze your friends. Choose your favorite color and try this nice idea for your next diy project.

centerpiece glass bottle crafts


4.  “Scary” Halloween bottle art designs

Look at this funny and “scary” glass bottle crafts that it fits for a Halloween party.

Halloween glass bottle crafts


5. Personalized messages on glass bottles can be a perfect gift

Old glass bottle, glue gun and some paint are the only objects that you need to use for a great easy diy project.

gift glass bottle crafts


6. Upgrade your perfume with a vintage glass bottle

Even a simple cologne will smell enticingly good when placed in this vintage glass bottle.

perfume glass bottle crafts


7. Attempt this soap dispenser for your bathroom

Bored of those soap dispenser that are not personal, try to make it your one to add more personality. Easy glass bottle crafts for your next projects.

soap dispenser glass bottle crafts


8. Reuse and rename glass bottles for your kitchen needs

Clean your wine bottles and other glass bottles and print each of the ingredients that the bottles will hold. You have classy and safe containers that you can use for as long as you want.

kitchen glass bottle crafts


9. These glass bottles are perfect for the rustic, classy wedding

No need to spend a lot of cash for this simple project that will help you give a great impact to your wedding.

wedding glass bottle crafts


10. Colorful seed and water feeders for your feathered friends

Do you have some skills on crafts? Nature and bird lovers will definitely love these glass bottle ideas. You can closely watch birds of different kinds and kids will surely love this idea.

bird feeder glass bottle crafts


11. The classic glass wine bottle and Christmas lights

Glass bottle crafts – Old Christmas lights and wine bottles can be used in the most easy way by creating a great decor.

glass bottle crafts lamps


12. Vase holders without any fuss

Lack of vase flowers? Take a look at this cool idea on how to recycle your used glass bottles. This simple design is so attractive  because the flowers accentuate the clear glass bottles and the glass bottles complement the soft colors of the flowers.

vase holders from glass bottle


13. Cut bottle glasses with simple designs can match any furniture in your home

Another way to recycle your glass bottles instead of trow them try to made some cool design for your home.

design glass bottle crafts


14. You don’t need snow for this glass bottle snowman

Finally a snowman that can stay in home and enjoy it in a warm place but you have to use bottles to create him.

snowman glass bottle crafts


15. Candlelight dinners will change the setting

These cut bottle glasses are the perfect candle holders, illuminating the room with the different shades bringing a romantic aura.



16. Hanging glass bottle wind chimes brings color and music

You may even add light on this glass bottle craft and you have a glass bottle wind chime light. Awesome!

hanging glass bottle


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  • Sandy Lefevre

    Love your bottles. I make bottles and put a string of lights inside, and add glassbeads inside. They make the lights sparkle, but they make them more expensive to sell. I do sell them at Christmas, and for weddings, showers, etc…. I do character bottles for my sons comic book store. I’ve been doing them for 8 yrs. Great website you have.

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