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13 Holiday Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

We all know a coffee fiend. Whether it’s a partner, relative, friend, colleague, or even yourself, you can guarantee they’re always ready for their next cup.

Good luck prying them away from their beloved brew!

If you’re stuck on what to get them, we’ve got your back.

From grinders and roasters to cafetieres and mugs, here are the top 14 gifts for coffee lovers.

A Gorgeous French Press for Coffee Lovers

There’s just something special about making coffee with a French press.

Its classic design and smooth brewing make for a cup that’s truly out of this world.

If your coffee-lover has somehow been deprived of the French press experience, it’s time to right that wrong this holiday season!

A Sophisticated Grinder

For those who enjoy exploring all tastes and textures of coffee, a quality grinder is essential.

This allows them to grind their own beans—giving them control over everything from coarseness to consistency.

It also ensures their coffee beans stay as fresh and vibrant as possible.

Hand-crafted Ceramic Mugs

Nothing says “I love you” like handmade ceramics!

Gift your coffee lover a set of handcrafted mugs that they can enjoy with every cup.

The unique shape and design will have them feeling extra special each time they make a cup.

A Premium Roaster

For those who like to get into the nitty-gritty of coffee-making, a roaster is a must.

It allows them to roast their beans at home, giving them complete control over every cup.

This makes for an incredibly special gift that any serious coffee fan will appreciate.

If your coffee lover has been clinging to their regular store-bought beans for far too long, it’s time to switch things up with an artisanal roaster. Let’s see if you can’t find them several new and exciting flavors this holiday season!

A Set of Artisanal Coffees

Speaking of artisanal coffees, why not make it a whole set?

Whether your coffee lover is partial to light roasts or enjoys dark and bold blends, they’ll be spoilt for choice with a selection of handcrafted beans.

A great way to expand their coffee horizons and explore new flavors.

Let them take a journey around the world with every cup!

A Figbrew subscription can also make a great gift if your loved one is curious about the world of coffee alternatives.

A Vintage Cafetiere

Does your coffee lover have a classic taste in coffee? Then a vintage cafetiere is sure to please!

This timeless device will not only make them feel like a professional barista but also provide an extra touch of nostalgia to their morning routine.

A Specially-made Coffee Table

What better way to show your appreciation than with a custom-made coffee table?

This one-of-a-kind piece of furniture will make the perfect place for them to relax and enjoy their favorite cup.

Your coffee lover will be able to sip away in style!

A Travel Mug for Coffee Lovers

For those who can’t bear to be parted from their coffee, a travel mug is an ideal gift.

These stylish vessels come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy for your giftee to take their coffee on the go.

So whether they’re heading out for a day of exploration or just need something to sip while working remotely, they’ll always be able to enjoy their favorite beverage.

Coffee Brewing Kit

If your coffee-lover is the type of person who loves shareable recipes and fun experiments, then a coffee brewing kit is the perfect holiday present.

These kits come with all they need to make delicious drinks such as cold brews and pour-overs.

They’ll have so much fun exploring new flavors while learning all about the science behind making good coffee!

An Electric Milk Frother

Now, this is a present that will make any coffee lover go weak in the knees.

An electric milk frother is a must-have for anyone who enjoys indulgent lattes and cappuccinos.

The luxurious textures and flavors created with this device are simply divine—and don’t even get us started on the incredible latte art that can be created!

A perfect way to get a budding barista started on their journey!

A Smell-Proof Coffee Storage Container

No coffee fan wants their precious beans to go stale and lose all that lovely flavor.

That’s why a smell-proof storage container is essential for anyone serious about their coffee.

It keeps the beans fresh and safe from any moisture or air which could compromise the quality.

And that means better-tasting cups each and every time!

A Set of Espresso Makers

If your giftee is a fan of espresso, then why not treat them to a set of espresso makers?

These nifty devices can easily transform any kitchen into an authentic coffee house.

Now they can whip up espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos with ease.

No need to wait in long lines at the cafe any more!

A Gift Certificate for Coffee Lovers

If you’re unsure of which coffee-related items your giftee would love most, then why not give them something sure to be a hit?

We know, it’s a bit of a cop-out, but a gift certificate to their favorite cafe or coffee shop is sure to please.

It will give them the freedom to choose what tickles their fancy, whether it’s ground beans from an exotic locale, a new frother, or roasted figs from Figbrew!

Whatever your giftee’s coffee preference may be, there’s sure to be something on this list that they’ll love. Many coffee enthusiasts also enjoy pairing their coffee with belgian chocolates, making chocolates a great gift option for them!

So don’t wait any longer, and find the perfect present for your coffee-loving friend or family member today.

Or, if you’d rather that your coffee lover love something with less acid, jitters, or caffeine, consider getting them some coffee alternatives, like tea, herbal infusions, or roasted figs! Figbrew’s Mellow Mix—half coffee and half fig—is a great way to ease into a more natural lifestyle! 

Written by: Katie Pierce

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