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11 Reasons to Buy Heat and Massage Recliners for Elderly

Do you know what’s better than a heating pad? A heating and massage recliner. We all have aches and pains that need to be addressed from time to time, but when an elderly person has chronic joint or back pain, it can become debilitating. It is important for the quality of life to add heat and massage to heal old injuries.

In fact, many people who use these products find they can get out of bed more often because their joints don’t hurt as much! Here are eleven reasons why buying heating and massage recliners may make a world of difference for your loved one.

No need for constant caregiving

If you have a loved one who lives with chronic pain, they may require more care than normal. This is even worse for elderly people who are not able to get out of bed on their own. The heating and massage recliner chairs offer a soothing heated massage that does much of the work and relaxes stiff muscles, easing joint tension so that it’s easier to move around without feeling sharp pains when doing something as simple as getting up from a chair.

Less need for medication

Many physicians recommend using heat therapy in conjunction with other methods to avoid overmedicating patients because many medications come with side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness. Heat can be beneficial in easing these symptoms while also improving muscle function after long periods of immobility. Besides, it is better to get therapies than medication which can be harmful.

Reduces the risk of falls

When we age, we experience a weakening of our bones and muscles called osteoporosis. This can cause us to become more prone to falls which has the potential for severe injuries like fractures or head traumas. Heat therapy used in conjunction with movement and exercise improves muscle function while also improving range of motion; it’s important people get up slowly from sitting positions until their body gets used to having blood flow back into their legs again after periods of prolonged immobility such as sleeping.

Relieves arthritis pain

Arthritis is a condition where joints become inflamed and stiff. When this happens, it often becomes too painful to move, which makes an individual feel like they’re not able to get any quality of life! Heat recliners can reduce the pain associated with arthritis while massage increases blood flow; both help increase range of motion in areas that are affected by arthritis which will allow your loved one to move more freely without feeling so much discomfort.

Decreases stiffness and soreness

With growing age, our bones begin to lose cartilage. This makes our joints stiff and sore which can make moving around very difficult, even painful! When an elderly person has a heating pad or massage recliner, it will warm up the area where the pain is felt while providing the pressure that helps break down muscle stiffness. In addition, heating pads have been shown to relieve pain in a way similar to ibuprofen!

Helps with sleep

The elderly often find it hard to get comfortable at night and spend much of their time tossing and turning. With the help of heat or massage recliners, they can go from being very uncomfortable due to pain all over their body that keeps them up at night straight into a deep sleep without waking up any hours later because you are sore everywhere. We know this is important for your loved one’s health as well as mental state throughout the day when trying to complete tasks such as eating or going outside.

Helps prevent bedsores

The more restful nights have benefits beyond just helping someone fall asleep faster- it helps with the chance of bedsores forming. When you spend hours on end lying in the same position without being able to move, it can lead to dangerous skin irritations. The heat and massage recliner can help alleviate some of that pressure, so they are able to roll over in bed with ease.

Can help with chronic pain

Whether your loved one is looking for relief from back or hip pain due to arthritis or osteoporosis, heat and massage recliners are there to support them through this difficult time. These products work by penetrating deep into muscles, so they reach areas that aren’t typically reached by hands alone during a regular massage session at home. If someone has serious injuries such as herniated discs, pinched nerves, etc., then these massagers will be very beneficial because of their strong vibrations, which help ease tension around major joints like shoulders and hips- where most people suffer from severe pain.

Helps with blood circulation

When you’re sitting for long periods, there’s less blood flow than when you’re mobile; this causes poor oxygenation, which results in feelings of discomfort. Heat pads increase blood flow by warming tight muscles, while massage chairs release any tension in the body through kneading motions, so your loved one feels better after they sit down on their device!

They are comfortable

We all need to relax sometimes, and there’s no better way than by using a relaxing chair. For the elderly, it becomes even more important because they are less likely to get up and walk around when they feel tired or in pain- which can lead to other problems like blood clots! If you use an inflatable recliner for this reason alone, then you’re already ahead of the game; however, these chairs also come with plush cushions that allow your loved one to sit comfortably without feeling any strain on their joints or bones.

There is nothing worse than having sore muscles after sitting down, so be sure that your loved one purchases something comfortable enough that allows them some relief from chronic pain while still being able to watch TV or read a book before bed.

Recliners are easy to maintain

Another benefit of inflatable and recliner chairs is that they are very easy to clean. To keep the chair from getting dirty, you should purchase something with a removable cover- especially if your loved one has incontinence issues or often spills food or drinks on themselves when eating. Moreover, the inflatable chairs are very easy to clean simply by wiping them down with soapy water.


At the end of the day, it’s important to keep your loved ones comfortable and healthy no matter how old they are. By taking small steps like buying heat and massage recliners, you can make a big difference in their lives!

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