5 AC Maintenance Mistakes You Are Probably Making
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5 AC Maintenance Mistakes You Are Probably Making

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature demands more care and attention than most homeowners are willing to devote to their AC unit. It can be a total nightmare when your AC unit stops working, especially in the summer. At CustomFiltersDirect, you will get expert recommendations for keeping your AC up and running for a long time! Here are 5 AC maintenance mistakes you are probably making.

You Do Not Replace or Clean Your AC Filters

You should change the ac air filter on your central air conditioning unit at least every three months, and as frequently as every month if the system is always operating. You should know that a dirty ac air filter can lead to poor airflow or freeze your unit’s evaporator coil if neglected. A dirty filter could add 5 to 15% to your air conditioning expense and reduce the system’s lifespan. You don’t want that. Fortunately, replacement ac air filters are typically cheap. You can purchase different ac filter sizes from the nearest residential air filter supplier to you. If you have ductless “split” AC units, there should be a removable panel that enables you to wipe the filter clean with a rag without replacing it. What matters is that your ac filters are clean.

Setting Your Thermostat Temperature Too Low

Suppose it is a scorching hot day outside. Your air conditioner has not yet been turned on, and you are uncomfortable and sweaty. So, you stroll to your thermostat and set it at 62 degrees Fahrenheit.
This may sound like a nice idea, but you’ve set the thermostat way too low. Setting the thermostat to a low level will not result in a speedier cooling of the home. It will place additional strain on your air conditioner. This will result in unnecessary wear and strain, as well as unnecessary energy use. Consequently, your air conditioner will die prematurely, and you will have to spend more money to repair or replace it. The smart move is not to panic when the temperature rises. Instead, attempt to combat the heat as quickly as possible. Start at, say, 75 degrees, wait a few hours, and then reduce the temperature to 72 degrees; if desired, you can set it even lower.

Not Accounting For Drainage, Leakage, And Water

Your air conditioner has more functions than you may believe. The air conditioner keeps the house cool and reduces humidity. Over time, this moisture condenses and exits the home through an air conditioner pipe.
This surplus moisture, while convenient, can cause problems if not adequately monitored and managed. If the air conditioner’s water isn’t properly drained, problems may arise. Inadequate insulation on interior tubing might cause moisture droplets to drip while the air conditioner is running. Air conditioners with clogged drain lines can cause significant damage and repairs. Check the drain pipe often, especially after storms, construction, or other activities that may have changed your home’s fittings, to ensure it drains any excess water without obstruction. If the end is blocked, water and yard waste may clog the drain pipes, harm the AC unit, and jeopardize your home’s structural stability.

AC Maintenance Mistakes – Poor Maintenance Of Your Air Vents

Your air vents can accumulate a great deal of dust and debris over a year. When you switch on your air conditioner, the air is blasted through these vents and into your home. Any debris and dirt trapped in the vents will be released into the home whenever the air conditioner is turned on.
Even though it does not affect the performance of your air conditioner, you should clean your air vents at least once each month. This will assist you in maintaining the highest indoor air quality possible.

Poor Positioning Of Thermostats/Vents

If the sun or a nearby bulb shines brightly on your thermostat for significant portions of the day, this could skew its readings and lead your air conditioner to turn on when your home is already comfortably cool. Especially if you are out during the day, you may not know that your system is working excessively hard owing to a misplaced thermostat. Blocking air conditioning vents with furniture or drapes can also reduce airflow. Unless you spend a great deal of time buried under your sofa, you should ensure that your AC vents are clear.


On a final note, another maintenance mistake you are probably making is purchasing an ac air filter of the wrong size. A wrong ac air filter size can compromise your entire unit. Please contact a trustworthy residential air filter supplier for a custom ac air filter. Your air conditioner is a delicate piece of equipment that is often overlooked because of its many components. An air conditioner, like a car, necessitates routine maintenance to keep all of its parts in good working order.

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