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What Metals To Choose For Men’s Wedding Rings To Prevent Allergies

The excitement you experience when buying men’s wedding rings is difficult to hide. Whether it is the metal or the settings of the ring or its hues, it integrates the thought of spending life with a companion. However, the metal of the wedding ring can result in a sudden burst of allergic reaction and dampen the happiness of the occasion. Therefore, the right option is to shop for a hypoallergenic ring.

What to know

Research reveals that allergies due to metal can affect about ten to fifteen percent of men as the body perceives the metal as a foreign material. Therefore, the skin reacts to the material of the ring with pain and rashes. Apart from this, it can cause blisters, swelling, and rashes combined with constant sensations of itching on the place where the metal sits. The feeling of discomfort can continue for long hours. Moreover, metals can also cause fatigue, depression, and arthritis. Therefore you must refrain from buying the wrong metal for men’s wedding rings. Here is what you need to know about metal allergies when buying wedding rings for men. The silver Celtic wedding rings are the best option for people who suffer from allergies. The ring is made of high-quality sterling silver which is hypoallergenic and perfect for everyday use.

Need to breathe

Wedding rings are for lifetime and most men wear it round the clock. Therefore, the skin below where the ring sits does not get the opportunity to breathe, causing sensitivity and irritation. No wonder, men often suffer from ring rash. The best option is wearing the band on a different finger than the usual one or remove it completely for a few days even when you put back the ring, try to allow the skin below the band to breathe for specific hours during the day and avoid irritation.

Moisture locked under the band

Your skin needs to stay moist to prevent excessive dryness but allowing the moisture to accumulate below the band can cause allergic reactions on the skin. Washing your hands, swimming, or sweat accumulating below the skin causes severe allergy. Therefore, you must keep the skin below the wedding band dry to avoid trouble.

Cleaning the ring

If you are engaged in all sorts of physical activities throughout the day, dirt, germs, bacteria, and cosmetic buildup are common below the wedding band. Apart from this, residue of soap below the band can also cause rashes. If you develop sensitivity or allergy to soap, remove the ring and clean it gently inside out. If you are unable to clean the ring appropriately, take it to a professional jewelry shop for cleaning. A professional cleanup once in a while can help.

Metals and allergy

Nickel is a metal causing reactions and allergies, especially when exposed to sweat.  Apart from this, copper can also cause allergies even though it is an excessively pliable material. Often, the makers of rings combine nickel with copper causing allergies. A few metal alloys contain reasonable amounts of lead, which is again detrimental for the skin. When buying metal wedding rings for men, doing your homework is essential. You need to check which metals cause allergies in your spouse and buy hypoallergenic materials that are safe on the skin. Analyzing the varieties of men’s wedding bands at Epic Wedding Bands cab help you to make the right choice.

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