What is the Size of Torsion Spring for 16x7 Garage Door
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What is the Size of A Torsion Spring for A 16×7 Garage Door

Getting the right torsion spring is vital when setting up your garage door or replacing a worn-out spring. Springs allow you to open and close the garage door, and installing the wrong spring could render it inoperable. You should replace your garage door’s springs periodically because they get worn out from everyday use.

Choosing the proper torsion spring for your garage door

Garage door springs aren’t a one size fits all device, and choosing the correctly sized spring is vital to prevent serious damage to the garage door. Each garage door requires a specific type of spring, depending on its type, weight, and height. Installing too big or small springs can create a safety hazard or damage the door.

Installing proper springs can help you avoid the issues. You should know the following information when purchasing your garage door springs. They include the following:

  • Wire size
  • Length
  • Spring wind
  • Inside diameter
  • Standard or special ends

Garage doors work with extension or torsion springs, and the first step is determining which of the two you need. However, this article focuses on choosing the correctly sized torsion spring for your 16 by 7 garage door.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs keep energy by coiling when you shut the garage door and release the energy when you open the garage door. They are extremely heavy-duty, attached to a metal rod above the door and running parallel.

They are tensioned or loaded with a twisting action, and closing the door transfers the energy into the coils creating tension. The springs release this energy making it easier to open the garage door.

What should you consider?

Wire diameter

You should consider the torsion spring’s wire size before purchasing a torsion spring for your garage door. You can get the wire diameter by measuring 20 coils and dividing it by 20. Ensure you are particular in your measurement since even a small error could lead to purchasing the wrong spring.

Inside diameter

Most American garage doors have 2-inch inside diameters; however, you should double-check the inside diameter before purchase since not all doors are identical. Measure the spring’s interior diameter with tape to get the inside diameter.

Spring length

Usually, 20 coils have a length of 65 inches; however, you should still measure the spring to get accurate results. Ensure you uncoil the spring before making any measurements to get accurate results.

Things to consider about your garage door

You should consider the door’s weight since heavier doors require stronger springs. Additionally, you should consider the door’s size and design, i.e., some garage doors are designed with two torsion springs on either side. You should also consider the garage ceiling’s height and the number of times you close and open the door.

What size torsion spring can I use for my 16 by 7 garage door?

We recommend using a 262 by 2 by 32 spring for a 185-pound door for a single spring system. If your garage door has a two-spring system, you should opt for two 255 by 2 by 30 torsion springs. However, you should weigh your door and calculate the IPPT to select dependable springs rated for the garage door.

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