What Are Standard Aluminum Sliding Window Sizes
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What Are Standard Aluminum Sliding Window Sizes

Aluminium is a very popular and precious metal known by its chemical symbol Ai. Aluminium has lesser density and greater strength when compared to other metals. This is the major reason why aluminum is sorted out as a material for construction. However, aluminum is not only sorted out for construction purposes. It’s also used in a variety of industries, from utensils and cans to the construction of airplane parts and many more. 

However, aluminum is mostly used as an alloy since aluminum on its own is not particularly strong. Combining aluminum with alloys like copper, magnesium, and manganese increases its strength. Today we are going to learn how aluminum is applied in the construction industry, specifically in the aluminium sliding window world.

What are standard aluminum sliding window sizes

What are sliding windows

Many finishing construction designs have popped up over the years; among them are sliding windows. Sliding windows, extruded by advanced equipment, is a popular construction design that offers easy functionality and greater appeal in buildings

This type of window opens by moving across a horizontal track placed on the upper and down part of the window frame. They are available in a variety of configurations; therefore, you can’t miss what you need for your home or building. 

What people need from any type of window is durability, strength and appeal, and that is why most construction companies apply standard aluminum sliding windows for better quality.

Standard sliding window sizes

Standard aluminum window slide sizes are just the measurements required to completely fit a fully functional window slide that works without a hitch.

Most standard aluminum sliding windows are designed horizontally in 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches. While vertical inches are 24,36, 48 and 60 inches in height. However, at  WEIYE, custom sizes can be tailored to fit your needs. 

No matter the type or size of sliding window you desire, they are made up of a frame consisting of two sections. These sections are the stationary panel and the sliding panel, which is the active part that moves at the fore part of the still object when it is opened.

Standard aluminum sliding windows of different sizes are greatly preferred in situations where openings are wider than they are higher. They also work best in places where you need to brighten up the room, like a kitchen, basement or bathroom. You can also apply these windows to increase the ventilation of a room. It’s the best tool for airing out a dumpy or dusty house.

Most people have applied this in kitchen spaces since it’s easier to use compared to traditional window designs. Using standard aluminum sliding windows can be a make-it-or-break-it moment during an emergency. It acts as a perfect emergency exit for escape during hard times or fire outbreaks.


Just as its name implies, standard aluminum sliding windows open on a track. They offer a unique approach to house finishing, creating space for functionality, appeal, and design. Sliding windows create a chance for panoramic views while limiting the obstruction of midline grids that affect the overall view. Hopefully, this article proves helpful to those still searching for their next sliding window size.

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