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Tree Services: The Different Types

There are trees in your yard, and you need to know about the different tree services in Evanston, IL, you can hire to help care for them. There are a lot of services offered by arborists, but they generally fall into three broad categories. These categories are trimming or pruning, removal, and emergency storm assistance. Schedule an appointment with an expert.

1. Tree Trimming And Pruning

Of the tree service Salt Lake City categories, this is the broadest and the most commonly used. As the name suggests, these services relate to the maintenance of the tree through trimming or pruning the branches. These services are vital at different times in your tree’s life.


Proper trimming and pruning will ensure your tree is healthy and growing correctly. This service should be used if you notice any damage, ill or dead branches. A trained professional will be able to remove these dangerous branches from the tree without causing more damage to the body or your property.

These services can also be used when your tree is growing out of control. If the branches are reaching over your roof or coming close to power lines, they can be removed before any damage is done. You can also use these services if you need to remove a toxic substance that has accumulated on the tree.

Trimming and pruning can also help the aesthetics of your trees. If you live in an area managed by a homeowners’ association, trimming and pruning are essential. When this is done, the tree will add to the beauty of your home and your surrounding neighborhood.

2. Tree Removal Services

The next commonly used type of tree service is tree removal. There are many reasons why you might want to remove a tree from your yard, but this is not something you should do yourself. Incorrect tree removal could lead to property damage and serious hazards around you and those in the area.

One of the common reasons for tree removal is disease and death. If the tree suffers from certain diseases, it may be impossible to save it. Additionally, if the disease has killed a certain percentage of the tree, it will need to be removed before it becomes a danger. To determine if tree removal is necessary, you should hire Evanston tree service to assess the situation or Oceanside arborists to trim your trees depending on your location.


A lot of people assume that tree removal is only when the tree is dead or dying. This is not true, as healthy trees can also be removed for relocation purposes. This is ideal if you want to keep the tree, but it is correctly in a dangerous location. Some tree services will take the living tree from your property to be planted elsewhere.

The level of service you get with tree removal will vary depending on your needs and the company you work with. Some companies will fell the tree and remove the limbs, while others will remove the stump as well. If you only have a stump in your garden, you can use Evanston tree removal services to grind and remove it.

3. Emergency Storm Services

These are the services you are less likely to use, but they are just as important as the others. This type of tree service will generally only be necessary after severe storms where trees have been damaged or uprooted. These services should only be used when there is a need for urgent action.

Emergency storm services are generally offered 24 hours and will provide a quick response. The response time is generally under 2 hours but will vary depending on the company and the number of calls. It is important to note that normal residential tree service providers may not offer these services.


If you require these services, you will need to ensure you are safe before you call them. This will include evacuating the property that has been affected and shutting off power to the property.

There are many different types of tree services that you can use, but some will be used more often than others. Tree trimming and pruning are the most commonly used and will help maintain the health of your tree. Tree removal is also common and is not only used for dead or dying trees. Emergency tree services are the least common, but the most important.

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