7 Benefits of Simple House Plans
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7 Benefits of Simple House Plans

Have you ever considered the benefits of choosing simple house plans? Are you planning to build a house? Simplicity has become a real trend in modern homes, involving open floor plans, no clutter, multi-purpose rooms, and maximized space.

These layouts not only exempt homeowners from wasting too much time on cleaning and maintenance but also encourage family time and simple life. Timing is everything in life, and sometimes you might even hire a essay writer UK to do your writing work for you. There is a multitude of house plans online, designed to be functional and easy to build.

A premium residential with all the modern facilities is the West Marina. Have a look at the benefits of such floor plans.

Maximizing space

A remarkable benefit of simple house plans is the maximization of space. Instead of complex layouts, these residences feature open and free-flowing space. There is no need for unnecessary hallways or walls, which pose limitations to the functionality of the place. These layouts are usually rectangular or square in terms of shape.

The aim of simple house plans is to minimize the number of transitions and obstacles in order to make rooms look connected. As far as décor is concerned, simple homes should minimize the use of furniture so as to reduce clutter. Instead of furnishing the place with a multitude of objects, make sure to leave empty spaces. Decluttering the space makes it visually larger.

Saving money

Another advantage of simple house plans is their affordable character. Since these layouts are generally small, the price of building a new home is lower when compared to large-sized residences. Additionally, the cost of utility bills is not extremely high. The larger the space, the more money you’ll have to spend on heating or cooling it.

Apart from saving money on utilities, homeowners of simple houses tend to spend less money on remodeling. Even if you plan to upgrade the look of your home frequently, you will not need to spend a large budget on doing so. The limited number of items enables homeowners to spruce up their houses without splurging too much money.

Use of natural light

Simple house plans allow plenty of natural light to enter the residences. These layouts include large-sized windows facing the south. Besides looking modern and elegant, large windows provide homeowners with a myriad of other benefits.

In addition, natural light is believed to affect the comfort and productivity of residents. Individuals dwelling in houses where plenty of daylight enters are thought to feel cozier and more productive, unlike people living in homes with insufficient natural light. Also, the entry of daylight has a tendency to reduce energy costs, as residents switch on the lights later in the day once the sun sets.

Less cleaning

Another fascinating benefit of simple house plans is preventing homeowners from spending much time cleaning the place. Houses with large square footage and tons of items take ages to clean, which is why most homeowners dread the chores related to cleaning You can look for a weekly cleaning schedule that keeps your home clean.

Moreover, simple houses not only spare homeowners from wasting long hours on cleaning, but the maintenance checklist is shorter as well. Regular maintenance involves checking the exterior, keeping moisture levels optimal, vacuuming floors, cleaning air filters, controlling dust, etc. These chores take much longer to complete in large homes.

More sophisticated remodeling

In terms of remodeling, simple homes can be remodeled with more sophisticated finishes. For instance, when installing new flooring, most homeowners avoid costly materials due to the large square footage. Nevertheless, the price you will spend on purchasing low-cost materials for the project is enough for buying high-end materials for a smaller home.

This is perfect if you’re a first-time buyer, or on a CIS mortgage. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also help you to save time and energy. If you require CIS mortgage advice, then we’d recommend you speak with a qualified mortgage advisor. They will be able to provide you with guidance on the best way to go about finding the right mortgage for your circumstances. You can then continue to plan your remodeling project with confidence. With the right guidance and support, you can make sure that your new home will look great for years to come.

The same happens when replacing kitchen counters, cabinets, or windows. You can purchase high-quality furnishings instead of investing in the most affordable finished in the market.

More family time

Simple house plans promote more family time due to the small square footage. Family members are more likely to come across each other and spend quality time together in the living room.

Additionally, many parents have limited time for their families because of the tons of household chores they need to do at the weekend. Nevertheless, having no extra items in your home reduces the time you’ll spend at the weekend on decluttering.

Better life quality

Simple floor plans are believed to encourage better life quality because of not worrying about clutter and the overwhelming number of household chores. Consequently, residents cope with less stress, which in turn promotes a healthy life.

Moreover, these floor plans are designed for families to enjoy the genuine value of homes. Instead of getting obsessed with material things, residents place their focus on spending family quality time and living a simpler life.


Make sure you aim for simplicity when designing a floor plan. By using modern Utah house plans, you can keep your design simple but elegant Clutter is no longer modern!

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