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What Can Cause Blocked Drains and How to Deal with Them?

Drains are provided to serve a vital purpose, that of ridding your property of wastewater. Any blockage in your pipes hampers the flow of water besides treating you to foul smells. Blocked drains need urgent and timely intervention because damage control becomes a lengthy and expensive affair when left unattended.

Clogged plumbing pipes because of a complete or partial obstruction prove inconvenient as they disrupt your daily life. Blockages can result in minor hassles like low pressure or slow drainage. On the flip side, it can cause significant damage because of flooding.

Some common causes of clogged drains and quick-fix solutions are provided here for your easy reference:

Hair Build-Up

Falling hair tends to accumulate in the shower and sink of bathrooms and is the most common reason for drains blocking. Removing the accumulated hair immediately by hand instead of allowing it to build-up is advisable.

Pouring some cheap hair removal chemicals into your drain may worsen the problem instead of resolving it. When the hair enters your drain and you are unable to retrieve it, approach a Residential Drain Cleaning company. 

Fallen Leaves and Debris

Your garden expanse, especially during spring and autumn, may resemble a carpet of fallen leaves and other debris. Even tree roots are notorious for spreading their tentacles underground and heading into drains, in search for water.

Keeping your outdoor area clean prevents a build-up of fallen debris and leaves on your yard. Watering your trees ensures their roots stay out of drains for want of an alternate moisture source. Tree roots can crack drain pipes, which only a structural repair expert can attend to effectively.

Grease and Fatty Substances

Any grease and fat washed down the sink stick to the inside of your drain pipes such that no liquid, not even water, can pass through. Such stubborn grease is not as easy to get rid of; hence, avoid allowing such substances to seep through.

Once grease enters your drains, it cools and hardens your pipes. It is better to collect such substances in a container that you can discard in your garbage rather than throw it down the drain.

Flushing down Toiletries

Disposing toiletries like baby wipes, nappies, and excessive toilet paper in one go invites blocked drains. These items, when immersed in water, absorb moisture and enlarge, thereby blocking drains and pipes.

It is advisable to resort to designated bins to dispose of such harmful waste. When you are in the habit of flushing toiletries down the drain, only a qualified technician can come to your aid.

Heavy Rainfall and Storms

Drains are not designed to withstand the effects of torrential downpours and storms. When you see rainwater overflowing from your gutters, it is an indicator that your drains are blocked.

During the wet season, regular cleaning of your drains is recommended as a proactive measure. Connect with a specialist to assist you with unclogging your drains and wastewater removal.

Fixing a complicated drain clog is best undertaken by a professional who knows how to locate the clog, access, and remove the obstruction. Rely only on a seasoned drain expert who uses best practices to fix your drain problems quickly.

Author: Jeannie Mai

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