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How to Choose Custom Lights for Your Home

The size and boldness of the light fixture do not determine the wow factor of an area. What you need to transform your room beautifully is to be creative with the shape, volume, materials, and proportion of your custom lights. Your choice of lighting also impacts how you perceive colours and textures, manipulating the overall feel of the room.

If putting together a lighting scheme in your home can be a bit daunting, take note of these great ideas to help you decorate your home with the use of lighting.

Things to Remember for Custom Lights

Custom Lights

Before choosing your lights, look at the decorative theme of your home

Is it contemporary, country, transitional, or something else? After this, choose a custom light that fits your space. Lighting that complements your home décor will help enhance the area, making it look more welcoming.

A light fixture typically has two characteristics; when lit and unlit

But it will reveal its true personality during illumination. You may have a piece that is subtle and charming during the day but becomes more exotic and daring as soon as darkness falls. The light will cast shadows and rays, so take its effect into account.

A light fitting does not have to be huge to create a statement

It only has to be stunning and fill a purpose. If you want the lighting to be the focal point in a room, make sure the rest of the items in the area do not compete with it. Creating the right colour and proportion will help the light stand out in the scheme.

The lighting you choose should not shine in the eyes

If it is too bright, it can easily tire the eyes and affect the colour of other objects in the room. Also, if your lighting has exposed bulbs or no shades, opt for yellowish bulbs to reflect warmth.

Add extra light in unexpected spaces both for function and decoration

Try placing a recessed light that is directed at a decorative piece of artwork to create a beautiful layer of illumination.

Those wall lights serve various functions besides illumination

If you want to add drama, it is important to consider their look when lit. You may use similar lights several times on the same hallway to create a statement.

Your lighting fixture should have the ability to showcase your personality while meeting the lighting needs of the area

For example, if you are choosing a new custom light for your dining area, consider your dining or entertaining style. Choose a fitting that demonstrates you, whether it is more formal, laid back, or casual.

It is better to a dimmer custom lighting so you can control the character of the room easily

Dimmer lighting allows room for flexibility according to your mood, occasion, or the time of the day. What’s more, it is an inexpensive way to alter the appearance of any room, as these custom lights are excellent energy savers.

For your exterior lights, go for fun and functional ones

There are various lighting options to help illuminate your home exterior, whether your goal is to give additional security or boost the aesthetic of your home.

You will see the custom lighting in your house every day. So, it is vital to choose the ones that you will always like to look at and can make your living space homely and welcoming.

Author: Jeannie Mai

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