What Makes A Log Cabin Better Than A Brick House
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What Makes A Log Cabin Better Than A Brick House

Humans are sharing the fruits and drawbacks of connectivity in this globalized world. Information accessibility and opportunities have increased exponentially, but at the same time, everyone can hear echoes of climate change and rising inflation. You can easily avoid these mentioned pitfalls of globalization by choosing a residential log cabin instead of brick houses. Residential Log cabins have numerous advantages over brick houses, whether constructing them, maintaining them or discarding them. Log cabins outshine brick homes, as they have economic and ecological superiority over brick houses.

Log homes can bear Mother Nature’s wrath more effectively. They are not only bringing comfort to human lives but also playing a significant role in preserving nature. Yes, it is true. My statement stands for itself. You might have learnt that Mother Nature is shrinking with the increased construction of houses. It is true when you go for brick houses but the opposite if you choose residential log cabins.

In order to make it crystal clear to you that residential log cabins are far better than brick houses, I’ve jotted down numerous benefits of residential log homes in comparison with brick houses under five subheadings.

How residential log cabins are better than brick houses?

1- Construction of Log Cabins is easy, quick and cost-effective:

When a person starts building a home either for living or investment, he goes for ways in which his house construction takes less time, less cost and has not to strive much for acquiring material needed for construction. He cannot achieve all these comforts and guarantees by opting for Brick houses over residential log cabins.

Time is the factor in changing people’s minds and tilting them towards log cabins. Prudence is everyone wants to step into the newly built house quickly, and one can make a wooden cabin in weeks because the raw material is not much diverse and costly. This celerity reduces the labour cost, which further narrows because of the low energy consumption in building them. Thrifty builders sometimes go at greater length and order dry pre-fabricated frames to further reduce time and labour cost, not to mention foolproof arrangements to eliminate mould problems through these frames.

Whereas in brick house construction, material cost is high, and the time requirement is high because it takes time is drying up, which increases labour costs too. Besides, bad weather also hampers and sometimes damages the newly built structure. That’s why residential log cabins are better than conventional brick houses.

2- Thermo insulation of residential log cabins

The moderate temperature of a house is the 24/7 need of residents in all seasons. In Brick houses, people are sick and tired of investing and giving close attention to energy maintenance systems. One of the motivating forces behind people’s rapid change in preference toward residential log cabins is their thermal insulation process. You might be thinking, how come log homes keep the house interior’s temperature moderate without any significant external cooling and heating system?

The answer is simple. Wood has a thermal resistance quality, measured by its R-value, in which it stockpiles heat from outside during the warm day and releases it inside during the night when the outside temperature falls. This feature makes residential log cabins six times cozier than brick houses.

Log cabins get warm quickly and take a lot of time to let go of heat from the home interior, owing to their insulating feature. Minimum energy needs to maintain the internal temperature, which we can minimize further by choosing a suitable location and landscape, making residential log cabins far better than brick houses.

3- Cultured and harmonious to nature

Whenever we have a choice, we generally contemplate the compatibility of a thing we’re looking for with our aesthetics, surroundings, and affordability. The rustic ambience of a residential log cabin is in coherence with human aesthetic taste.

 Building residential log cabins are akin to adding beauty to nature, whereas constructing Brick homes is all about constricting Mother Nature and raising a structure unfit for the environment. Residential log cabins address human’s longing for close to natural living in the face of rampant engineered brick houses.

4- Log cabins are healthy for the Earth and beings living in it:

The eco-friendly feature of residential log cabins might not be of paramount importance some two decades ago. But today, it has become a moral burden as a resident of this plant with an ecological necessity. There are numerous scientific arguments to support this statement. Residential log cabins can be instrumental in gaining net zero carbon by absorbing CO2 from the air during tree life (reducing global warming, causing climate change) and releasing carbon into the soil after timber completes its life as a log house.

 Besides, the raw material (trees) is sustainable and takes minimum energy in manufacturing. Whereas raw material for brick houses takes the power of hundreds of gigajoules for its manufacturing which emits tons of CO2 in the air, nearly 10% of all CO2 released, causing global warming and consequently climate change.

Similarly, residential Log cabins assist in maintaining good health both physically and mentally. The wood used in log cabins blocks most of the noises and dust from outside. It keeps the house warm (Thermo insulating feature discussed above). It makes the house a peaceful adobe. On the contrary, Brick houses are at the mercy of external heating and cooling systems, which affect negatively either physically or mentally at some stage of life.

5- Log cabin offers an easy remedy and lesser repercussions:

Every house we build experiences wear or tear at some stage. That is normal. What is not normal is facing difficulty in finding and repairing the cause of breakage or cracks or paying too much for damage which is utterly displeasing.

In brick houses, coalesced mold and insects are difficult to find until they have done irreparable damage. Conversely, you can find out and solve the root cause of the problem just by inspecting and strolling around the residential log cabin. Most of the time, you need to invest a few bucks to get your dream place back into tone. 

Photo by Peter Thomas on Unsplash

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