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Tips to Deal With Bloomington’s Summer Pests

Summer is here, which means the weather is finally getting warm and summer pests lurk around the corner. People will finally be able to enjoy the outdoors. Summers in Bloomington, IL, are long, warm, humid, and wet, with an average daily high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

The warm season lasts around four months, from mid-May until mid-September. Summer is also the best time to visit Bloomington for warm-weather activities. Sadly, summer is also the peak season for pests. Insects become more active in summer due to the heat and high humidity levels. They can often be annoying but, if not adequately addressed, can turn into something worse. 

Know What Pests to Look Out For

Seasonal pests may only last during summer, but they can cause lasting damage to property and human health. They can spread disease, destroy furniture and food, and even the foundation of your home. Here are the most common pests and tips for controlling them.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are giant ant species and common home invaders in the U.S., particularly in Illinois and other surrounding states. They don’t directly attack and harm people but are still considered dangerous ants because they can damage the wooden foundations and compromise structural integrity.

They enter through cracks in the foundation, around windows and doors, etc. Once inside, they attack wet and rotten wood or wood that has been damaged by mold. If you do not control the carpenter ant infestation, it will eventually damage the house and cause extensive structural deterioration.


Spiders are not insects; they are arachnids and close relatives to scorpions, ticks, and mites. The mere sight of spiders can bring fear in people, especially those who have arachnophobia.

Spiders usually enter the house on objects you carry inside or through cracks around windows/doors. Almost all spiders have fangs that can inject venom to their victims, but most of them cannot penetrate human skin. Those species that can penetrate human skin can leave painful/itchy bites or even be poisonous.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are a common invasive species in Bloomington. They eat plants in gardens and destroy natural foliage. They commonly feed during daylight hours. Japanese beetles get into homes and eat indoor plants, creating a nuisance.

Overwintering Pests

Overwintering pests is a general term for pests who live outside during summer, spring, and fall and then move inside the house during winter to protect themselves from the cold. These come in a wide variety, including mice, rats, and stink bugs.

As the weather warms, they may emerge all at once, creating issues for you. Overwintering pests are more of an annoyance than dangerous. They can leave stains and bad smells on walls, curtains, and upholstery. They emerge from their hiding spots during summer and gather near windows, cracks, and other openings.

Take Basic Steps

Prevention is always the best option to control the pests. Make sure to clean the house and remove all possible hiding spots for pests, including cluttered objects. Cut tree branches back away from the home to not serve as a path for these unwelcome guests. Seal cracks in the foundation, utility boxes, doors, and windows. Store food in sealed containers and don’t leave food set out.

You can use non-toxic sticky traps to control some of the house pests. These are adhesives on cardboard and can be bought at any grocery or home improvement store. The use of chemicals to control pests is highly discouraged since they can contain harmful ingredients for people and pets.

Be Prepared to Call for Backup

Your objective is to identify and control the pests on the onset before they multiply and infest your house. If basic steps in controlling pests do not work, contact pest control professionals. Some issues arise if you wait too long: more severe infestation, property damage, damage to your belongings, unpleasant living situations, etc.

Search for pest control Bloomington, IL, to find experts to assess and inspect your home. They can advise you on the best steps in controlling your summer pest problem.

Pest Be Gone

Summer pests can be a big problem, but you can minimize their effects in your home with basic cleaning and maintenance. Prevention is essential to control these very pesky problems.

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