The Many Services Provided by Your Local Sutherland Shire Electrician
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The Many Services Provided by Your Local Sutherland Shire Electrician

When we think of an electrician, we automatically have a mental image of a tradesman doing some wiring and while electricians do wire buildings, they have so much more to offer. Here are just some of the services offered by electricians in the Sutherland Shire that you might require at some point in the future.

  • Safety switch installation – Every home should have a safety switch that shuts down the power in the event of a surge. There are numerous types of safety switches, which include mains switches, power point switches and portable switches.
  • Ceiling fans (supply and installation) – If you would like to install a ceiling fan in your living room, look no further than your local electrician, who is more than capable of supplying and installing any brand of ceiling fan.
  • Supply and installation of smoke alarms – Smoke alarms should be installed in several locations around the house; one in the kitchen, one at the bottom of the stairs and one at the top of the staircase. Smoke alarms should be tested on a regular basis and the batteries changed after a few months. Click here for outdoor home improvement ideas.
  • Supply, installation & repair of A/C units – Yes, your local electrician is more than capable of supplying, installing and servicing A/C units. You would likely save some money by approaching an electrician, rather than an A/C company.
  • Supply & installation of LED lighting – If you would like to slash your energy bills, have all your light fittings changed to LED units. These low input-high output light fittings last a lot longer than traditional incandescent lightbulbs, even though they are more expensive, you will save energy by switching to LED lighting.
  • Additional power points – There are never enough plug sockets and if you would like a few more installed around the house, your local Sutherland Shire electrician is the person to call. All you need to do is decide where you want the extra power points and the electrician will do the rest.
  • EV Charger installation – If you are going to switch from a traditional internal combustion car to an EV, you will need an EV charging point fitted in your home. 
  • Outdoor lighting – If you would like to transform your garden with LED lighting, look no further than your local electrician; he can show you a catalogue of exterior light fittings and with waterproofing your outdoor lights are perfectly safe.
  • Fault-finding – If you have a short circuit somewhere at home, your local electrician can find the issue; we don’t recommend trying to trace a fault unless you happen to have a lot of experience working with electricity, it is best to leave it to a qualified tradesman.

Now that you know how versatile your local electrician really is, you can save money on any of the above services and if you are planning any home improvements that require electrical work, you know who to contact.

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