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10 Best Places to Get a Degree in Design

Are you looking for the best places to get a degree in design? During this era of modernism, the designing industry is growing day by day. Today the talented designers have great importance. People love to use products with modern and elegant designs. Many popular companies are leading their businesses due to modern and attractive designs like Path, Airbnb, Apple, Square, and Pinterest.

You can indeed learn design through the internet by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. Many experts are offering paid online designing courses. But if you want to become a professional designer, get a bachelor’s degree in graphic designing. When you study design properly, you can easily handle the ins and outs of designing. During your bachelor’s program, you can learn about the software used to create the best animation and visuals. You can use different designs and colors like a pro. Graphic design also has other kinds of fields that you can select according to your choice.

We have shortened a list of the ten best designing schools throughout the world, 10 best places to get a degree in design. If you are willing to get a bachelor’s degree in design, check out the list.

10 Best Places to Get a Degree in Design

get a degree in design

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1. Hong Kong polytechnic university

This university was built in 1937 in Hung Hom Kowloon, Hong Kong. This polytechnic University is the only institute that is offering high-level education in designing. It has a 49.3% rating. People who get their designing degree said that the University is providing quality education about graphic design. One thousand two hundred students have enrolled in university for a degree in designing.

This university prefers to prepare students for practice fields and regularly assign them different tasks. At the early stages, students may consider it difficult to handle their burden. In such cases, they can seek experts from academic writing service to help with their assignments.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology offers different programs like business, engineering, manufacturing, and designing. It is located in Atlanta, GA. The institute was first founded in 1881. Twenty thousand students enrolled in this historical institute. This institute is providing valuable courses that help students to get a professional degree. For example, Michael Arad and Vern Yip are famous designers who get their designing degrees from this institute.

3. Aalto university school of arts, design, and architecture (Fka University of art and design Helsinki)

The University of Art and Design was founded in 1871 in Finland, known as Helsinki. Two thousand seven hundred seventy-nine students of graphic design get admission to this University. The designing institute is divided into different departments like art, design, media, production design, motion picture, television, and architecture. 55.6% of people said that the University offers a valuable designing program.

4. Institute of Design (Chicago)

University is located in Chicago, IL. It was first established in 1937. 150 is its total enrollment for a designing degree. The University is considered one of the best universities in the designing field. It creates a lot of evolution in the designing field. The University brings its students to a place where they can win a valuable career in the design industry.  

5. UCLA design media arts

ULCA designs sign a partnership with Ogilvy and Mather. This partnership allows the students to learn from a brand designing expert for the whole semester. This reputable school was founded in 1988 and is located in Los Angeles, CA. ULCA design is an amazing media art and design school that has 59.3% ratings. Two hundred nine students are learning graphic design, art, and media in this school.

6. The University of Illinois at Chicago school of art and design

60.4% of people proved it to be the best school for a degree of design. It is a historical university founded in 1890. The University is located in Chicago, IL, and has a 15,219 population of designing students. It offers its students many design programs, like photography, studio arts, and graphic design.

7. The University of California at Berkeley school of information,

The University of California has a 61.4% rating. 61.4% of people said that the designing degree from this University is worth it. The school of information was recently built in a small range in Berkeley, CA. The school offers different courses. These courses filled the gap between social sciences, design, art, computer science, and information. Its total enrollment of students is 100.

8. California College of the arts

The college rating is 62.8% that makes it a valuable university. It is located in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. The college offers an MBA degree that holds a design strategy program. This reputable college has 1,917 students enrolled for designing degrees.

9. Copenhagen Institute of interaction design

The name of the institute indicates that it focuses especially on interaction design. It is a process of combining trendy modern designs with traditional designs. This combination results in very unique, beautiful, and classy designs. This style focuses on beauty more than visual aesthetics.

10. New York University Tisch School of the arts

This art school is one of the best schools that offers valuable programs in media arts and performing. The Tisch School gets a 64.4% rating from people who consider its program valuable. Daniel Rozin, jean-marc are experts in designing, and animation is part of the University’s faculty.

11. Cooper union

65.4% of respondents claim the designing program is very valuable. The University offers its students discipline and training. This training enables the students to create their style and design. It was found in 1859 in New York, NY.


We recommend the student’s passion for art and designing enroll in one of the universities mentioned above. These universities are offering value and a variety of designing programs that can fulfill your cravings for art. However, think carefully before enrolling in University and worry about the future results.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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