The 4 Essential Accessories To Outfit Your Bicycle
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The 4 Essential Accessories To Outfit Your Bicycle

More and more people are turning to bicycles for their daily transportation needs. In an effort to go green, it is a logical choice for short trips and even commuting to work. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and can help keep you in shape.

To get the most out of a bike, however, you need to make sure that you have it customized to fit your needs. This means that you should build a shed that can keep it covered and also buy some things to mount on the bike or wear yourself. In this article, we will go over several of the essential accessories to have.

1 – What to wear

You aren’t just accessorizing a bike when you become a rider. You also have to accessorize yourself by using the right gear.

The most obvious essential item to wear is a helmet. Riding a bike is generally very safe, but anything can happen and even a small bump could knock you to the ground. Protecting your head is very important.

In addition to that, other safety equipment to wear is a reflective vest so other drivers and cyclists can see you clearly.

Then you should also wear gear to take stuff along with you. For instance, a sturdy messenger back like these canvas Saddleback ones will help you carry your other gear and still ride comfortably.

2 – Saddlebags

Sometimes a backpack or messenger bag is not enough when you have to carry a bigger load. Saddlebags are ideal for carrying goods on your bicycle since they are balanced across both sides. This prevents you from feeling lopsided and keeps you safe. Turning corners is much easier when you use saddlebags.

Make sure that they are soft sided so you can load them well. At the same time the material needs to be durable to last longer and not get punctured by certain goods.

3 – Baskets

In addition to saddlebags, you need to have a basket or even two. This is because sometimes you will be carrying things that don’t fit easily into a bag. A basket is ideal to just casually throw things into and get on the go. For when you only have to carry a few small items, it is better than loading up some bags so you can be on your way.

4 – Essential Accessories To Outfit Your Bicycle- Lights and reflectors

Safety should be your biggest concern when you are riding on your bike. Being seen is essential to stay safe. Sharing the road with pedestrians, cars, and even other cyclists means that they need to see you coming so they can avoid you.

Make sure to have several reflectors on the pedals, wheel spokes and front of the bike. In addition, lights are a great idea so you can be seen from further distances. Blinking lights are good so that people understand it is a bike. Use a red one for the rear and a white one for the front.

Photo by Sandro Gonzalez on Unsplash

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