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Simple home hacks for the parents of toddlers

Having a toddler running around the house can be exhausting and with this simple home hacks your job will be much easier. It can seem as though tidying up is a never-ending task and making sure everything is safe from their reach or not sharp, for example, can be extremely time-consuming.

Continue reading for some simple home hacks which will help you out.

Home hacks parents vs toddlers

home hacks for the parents of toddlers

Kitchen Hacks

Chemicals under the sink or colorful bottles filled with alcohol hide lurking behind cupboard doors, potential dangers for our children. You can buy latches for the cupboard doors.

However, depending on the individual child, many can now master those quicker than their grandparents could!

Why not use the cupboards higher up for things you really wish to keep out of reach?

Of course, ensuring they cannot just grab a stool or chair to stand on in order to reach is another vital step to take. Alternatively, some people swear that putting a plastic cookie cutter around the cupboard knobs is a fail-safe.

However, this seems a little risky especially if your toddler has great fine motor skills. It can be really challenging to juggle the demands of looking after an active child and preparing meals. Rather than trying to childproof every single aspect of the kitchen, try to create an area in which to play to keep your child both busy and safe.

Bathroom Hacks

As with the kitchen, cleaning chemicals must be kept out of reach. Likewise, any form of medication ought to be locked away too. A lockable cabinet for the wall is a simple solution, costs very little and is easy to fit. Be sure to keep the key somewhere safe. When toilet training, toddlers tend to slam down the lid and seat on a regular basis.

Investing in a slow close toilet seat could be life-changing for you.

No more loud bangs. If your toddler is tempted to investigate (most are), there are simple straps you can buy which prevent the lids being lifted easily.

Young skin is susceptible to scalding as the result of hot water. Ensuring that children are safe from this risk is imperative. Put the cold water in the bath first and then warm it up by using the hot tap.

Elsewhere Home Hacks

Have you ever noticed how children like to use chests of drawers like ladders?

Short of replacing all your furniture, it is difficult to get past that.

However, you can minimize the danger. Items of furniture, which are not attached to the wall, could be pulled over rather easily and crush a child, killing them. Attach them to the wall without haste.

Many furniture stores supply the equipment necessary to do this successfully. Toddlers, who are unsteady on their feet after learning to walk, will undoubtedly take a tumble often. You cannot put them in a bubble, but you can reduce the risk of serious injury.

One of our favorite hacks is the use of a tennis ball with a slit in it. Use these to cover the sharp corners of coffee tables, TV benches and other toddler-height items.

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