6 Tips to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Home
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6 Tips to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Home

Perhaps, you already realize that wild animals have the potential to damage your home and cause harm to your loved ones. If you believe that your home is an open invitation for wild creatures, then you should employ the following tips to deter them from hanging around.

Tips to keep wild animals out of your home

1. Secure Your House

First and foremost, you need to secure your house properly, so it is not vulnerable to wild creatures. This practice is mainly required for houses that have chimneys on the roof.

You can get screen vents from home improvement stores to cover uncapped chimneys. You may not know that, but creatures like raccoons and squirrels often find their ways through broken vents, uncapped chimneys, and other opened holes.

Thus, it is crucial that you examine your roof for damaged areas. Invest your time to inspect the chewed area and cover holes that can allow quick entry to wild creatures.

2. Seek Professional Help

You can also call professionals to properly secure your place and cover damaged areas. Wildlife removal and pest control companies are trained to offer guaranteed services. They are field experts who can offer excellent trapping services for bat exclusion and removal of snakes, skunks, and other wildlife.

They are field experts to help you get rid of wild animals you see on your property. A reliable service provider carefully inspects the exterior of your house to locate holes, cracks, tiny openings, pipes, cables, and vents to discourage animal entries.

An experienced company like Wildlife, Inc. can also offer excellent removal and trapping services to get rid of bats, snakes, skunks, and other nuisance wildlife.

3. Eliminate Sources of Food & Water

Next, you must remove all the food and water sources to keep wild animals away from your home. Don’t place bird feeders (you can find the different types of bird feeders you should be aware of here) as you are possibly inviting outside animals.

If you have got pets, you should feed them inside a house. However, if they like to eat outside, it is best that you bring the bowls inside at night. Besides, clean up spilled food regularly. We all know the whole rabbit feed experience is a fun one for your little ones but keep in mind that such can attract wild life to your yard as well.

Getting rid of water sources and bird feeders is an excellent option to keep the wild animals away from your property.

4. Clean up the Yard

You should also develop a habit to clean up the yard on a regular basis. Avoid any clutters outside your house as they can be a great shelter for animals like snakes, rats, raccoons, skunks, beavers, nutria, lizards, etc.

Don’t leave leaf piles or accumulate debris in your backyard. It is an ideal harborage site for snakes. You never know when you get to encounter a venomous snake. Hence, it is advised to clean clutters, and if you still see a snake, you should immediately contact a professional company for snake removal in Denver.

Moreover, if you have to store firewood for cold days, you should put the stack at least 25 feet away from your house.

5. Cover the Trash

Up next, you must adequately cover the trash, so you are not inviting any wild creature inside your property. There are different types of nuisance wildlife, such as raccoons, skunks, and rats that are attracted to trash cans people put outside the houses.

Therefore, it is a pro tip to cover the trash, put the garbage in plastic containers, and place the lids so that it would be difficult for outside creatures to dine on your leftovers.

6. Install Fence

Lastly, your place should be adequately secured with a fence. It is a great idea to keep wild animals away from your house. You can install a fence around your entire property, depending on the animals residing in your area. You can also install fences on the boundaries of your house like the garden area or base of your home that are more vulnerable to outside threat. Investing in a sturdy barrier will keep wild animals in the wild and from jumping over the fence.

Photo by Scott Walsh on Unsplash

One Comment

  • Susan Mercurio

    How stingy can you be?

    “Don’t put out water or bird feeders…”

    Do you not know that urban bird populations are disappearing, and that the #1 reason is loss of habitat? And just when people are being encouraged to make their yards more bird-friendly, you come along and, in a very mean-spirited way, tell your followers how NOT to help the birds.

    Also, I recently lived in West Virginia, where wildlife is everywhere, and I had possums and raccoons in the house. I had deer that bumped up against my bedroom wall and woke me up. None of them bothered anything. I was delighted to have those animals living in such close proximity to me.

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