Simple Guide on Grass Installation
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Simple Guide on Grass Installation

We have prepared a simple guide on grass installation. A lawn is one of those additions that can greatly improve the aesthetics of a house. However, to own a lawn, the grass is pretty much mandatory. Along with a garden, those two complements can be designed based on your personality and tastes. Thus give your home a completely new look based on what you want for it.

However, how do you deal with it? Well, there are many ways to approach the process of having a lawn. The main thing you have to deal with is deciding whether you want your lawn to be made out of artificial grass or natural grass.

This will pretty much decide many of the steps you will have to take care of to finish the process, and also, determine whether it is better to hire a professional company or do it by yourself.

Artificial vs Natural

Artificial vs Natural grass installation

The importance of choosing one of the options is very present. You see, artificial grass requires something known as a sub-base to be able to maintain itself, whereas a natural one won’t require this, but will require even more preparation, time, and maintenance.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, as stated over here. First of all, the natural option tends to be cheaper but requires a lot more work to be installed. Thus in the long-term, it might be more expensive because of the amount of maintenance it requires.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, has a more expensive initial investment but doesn’t require as much long-term maintenance. In fact, the amount of time and money you will spend maintaining it is far less.

The thing about the artificial alternative is that how great it looks depends on its quality. Good artificial grass tends to be very expensive, so you have to decide based on your budget while trying to find something that looks good and real.

Preparing for the Installation Process

Preparing for the Grass Installation Process

If you decide to do it yourself, regardless of the type of grass you decide to go for, you have to take into consideration that it is a rather long, complicated process, depending on the circumstances of your lawn, of course.

For example, the more weeds, rocks, debris, and obstacles there are, the more time you will spend in the first step: clearing the ground. After that, some steps vary depending on the type of grass you choose.

To install a natural alternative, you have to check if the soil is capable of holding seeds and properly nurture them. After that, you will have to prepare the soil, pick seeds, plant them, and make sure they are growing over a set period of time.

However, the residential artificial turf installation alternative only requires a sub-base, which works as a protective layer that ensures the surface is not disfigured, a result that can happen due to rain and sunlight. When it rains, the soil beneath the layer of artificial grass can expand itself, and sunlight shrinks it, which can slowly but steadily disfigure the upper layer.

Now, if you want, you can always rely on a professional instead. Professionals not only take care of the whole process quickly but also make sure that it is done properly. If you check Mrlawn grass installation, you will get a solid idea of what to expect from hiring a professional service provider.

The Maintenance of a Natural Lawn

The Maintenance of a Natural Lawn

Let’s say your lawn is now installed. You still have to take care of it to make sure that it doesn’t get ruined over time. This is a completely different process that will take some of your time, depending on how you want to approach the process.

To properly take care of your lawn, you have to make sure you understand a few things. First of all, the watering process will require you to water your lawn on an even matter early in the morning, or late at night. This ensures that the sun doesn’t damage the lawn due to strong sun rays.

Some people do this by themselves, but others rely on irrigation systems, which is a very good way to save some time. However, this might increase water expenses, so make sure you know what you are doing if you decide to install one.

Another important aspect is to understand how much water your lawn needs, and to know how to read the signs of deterioration. We invite you to check this for a very detailed guide on how to deal with this part of maintaining a lawn.

Mowing is also part of the process, and taking care of your lawnmower is also important. Most of the steps mentioned in this section are not done when you own a lawn made out of artificial grass, so have that in mind when choosing which one suits you the most.

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