Seven Ways to Create a Personalized Oasis in Your Bathroom
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Seven Ways to Create a Personalized Oasis in Your Bathroom

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? If you live in a city like Tucson, Arizona, your bathroom can be a cooling haven in the hot climate. With the mild winters and sweltering summers, you probably need a daily oasis-like experience. Apart from creating a relaxing atmosphere, here are some of the major perks of having a personalized oasis: 

  • Reduce stress after a busy day.
  • A private space for self-reflection, which can improve an individual’s mental health.
  • A comfortable sanctuary where you can temporarily disconnect from life.
  • A proper space to practice self-care.
  • A way to put your personalized touch in your home.
  • Increased market value of your home.
  • Boosts your mood in seconds, even if you don’t use it regularly.
  • Better sleep quality due to increased relaxation.
  • Provides a feeling of luxury, even in a small bathroom.

Are you ready to create a personalized oasis in your bathroom? Not sure what to include first? Here are some ways to go about creating a personalized oasis in your bathroom: 

1. Install a Walk-In Shower

Like many other cities, Tucson has experienced a significant surge in home improvement projects in recent years. As homeowners recognize the value of upgrading their living spaces, bathroom renovations, including shower replacements, have become particularly popular. Hence, you can also make your bathing experience more relaxing and create a personalized oasis by installing a walk-in shower. A walk-in or Italian-style shower can give a modern touch to your bathroom, but that’s not all. Such showers are also easy to keep clean and save space. So, if you are ready consult a Tucson walk-in showers company for the best rates and design options.  

For an even more luxurious experience, you may consider installing an overhead shower. With a large showerhead, the overall experience can be mesmerizing. 

2. Use Soothing Colors

When you want to revamp any room in your home, repainting is usually a quick and economical start. The bathroom is no exception. If you want a luxury spa-like aesthetic, go for warm, neutral shades for the bathroom walls. Three shades are ideal, but you can also try up to five at once. Stick with options like soft blues and earthy hues to begin with. These shades help to put together a peaceful vibe. They also work well with any kind of bathroom décor and bathroom accessories. 

3. Consider the Lighting

Many people make the mistake of underestimating the importance of bathroom lighting. With proper lighting, you can create a lovely atmosphere in any room. In the bathroom, you may consider installing smart lights or any option with a dimmer. This way, you can use the lighting to create all kinds of moods. 

Dim the lights for a more calming experience, or brighten them for a refreshing morning routine. There are also colored, string, and programmable lights available in the market these days. You can even set up a certain ambiance before entering the bathroom. 

4. Mimic Nature with Tiles

Many modern bathroom designs use nature to invoke a touch of luxury. The tiles might be porcelain or ceramic, but they help create an organic aesthetic. Some tiles may have a wood-like pattern. Installing these will give you a sense of being close to nature. You can also consider tiles with patterns of green plants or pebbles. Try mixing and matching wherever it feels right. 

5. Keep the Place Warm

If you’re committed to having an upscale oasis in your bathroom, look into heating options for winters. For instance, you can install underfloor heating. Look for energy-efficient options that won’t increase you energy bills. You can comfortably get out of the bath or shower on heated flooring without freezing your toes. It’s a feeling like no other during winter!

Consider other additions that can help you create a heated space. Towel warmers will help you stay warm right after a shower. A space heater is a versatile and economical option, so consider it when working on a tight budget. 

6. Invest in a Soaking Tub

Can you have a personalized oasis with limited bathroom space? If you invest in the right features, why not!

For instance, some folks may crave the hot tub experience in a small bathroom, which may not be possible indoors. In that case, Japanese soaking tubs are a great option. 

Japanese soaking tubs are much deeper than regular Western models. They also come in many sizes and shapes to suit any bathroom. If you have an awkward cranny, ask about customizing a tub according to your required dimensions. 

Some soaking tubs even come with built-in storage. It’s certainly a practical option and perfect for a small bathroom makeover! With a wooden frame and the right accessories, soaking tubs can create a work of art in your bathroom. There are also several benefits of using Japanese soaking tubs, so read up on them and then decide. 

7. Work with the Details

Once you’re serious about a bathroom makeover, changing everything about this area can be tempting. However, not everyone has the budget to change bathroom tiles too soon. The same goes for installing walk-in showers, soaking tubs, etc. 

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a personalized oasis in your bathroom. Here are a few steps you can take to enhance the look of your bathroom: 

  • Replace the shower curtains, perhaps choosing a natural print for the new ones.
  • Get a bathroom accessory set for your vanity, or replace the one you already have.
  • Purchase new rugs for the bathroom; opt for easily washable fabrics.
  • Invest in quality, fluffy towels to replace the old, scratchy ones.
  • Get accessories or wall decor that matches the color of your bathroom. For instance, you can keep small plants that can thrive in humid environment.


With a few tweaks, you can create a personalized oasis in your bathroom. However, it’s worth saving up and investing in major bathroom renovations. A spa-like oasis aesthetic in your bathroom can help you unwind and relax after a hectic day and even add to your home’s market value. By implementing the ideas above, you can have a luxury bathroom within your budget, whether you have a small or big bathroom. 

Photo by Michael C on Unsplash

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