Renovating the Garage 4 Things You Shouldn't Forget
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Renovating the Garage 4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

It’s that time of the year when it is time to renovate. Last year, you changed your living room and fixed the kitchen two years ago. This year, you decided to change the garage and that pile of items that no one knows what to do with. Fixing and renovating the garage may be a challenging move, but it too deserves to look perfect, just as the rest of the house. Unlike the other rooms, the garage is simpler to handle as it is usually smaller and has fewer items inside.

The first thing to do is go through all the stuff inside and decide if there’s something to throw away, donate, or sell. If you’re not using it for years, you don’t need it. Make a selection and move on to the renovating process. We’re sharing a couple of things to mind when you’re renovating. We’ll share some ideas and tips based on experience and try to help you come up with the perfect garage look. Follow up, and see what we have prepared.

Switch from an ordinary to a smart garage door

Your garage door is probably outdated, and aside from the fact it started rusting and making strange noises when you open and close it, you should know it’s time to embrace technology and change the door with a newer, modern version.

With multiple options on the market, you’ll find plenty of options. Opt for a smart garage door, which you can control from your smartphone, or pick one that will be opened and closed through a remote controller.

The Chamberlain garage remotes and doors are fantastic for everyone who wants to see a new and improved version of their garage. Check the offer from manufacturers and sellers, and specifically order one made for your needs.

Change the flooring and customize the look

Do you still have the original concrete or asphalt flooring in your garage? It’s time to change that. Although this type of flooring is simple and practically unbreakable, there are far better options. The best option for a garage flooring is, without a doubt – linoleum.

Why? Because it is super easy to maintain, feels good on your feet, and can be made just the way you want it. The first thing we mentioned is maintaining. You often spend time in the garage working on DIY projects, fixing the car, or doing other stuff. More often than not, you’ll use oil or other solutions that may drip and create stains. Linoleum won’t hold any of them, and just a wet towel will clean the mess.

Aside from this, linoleum manufacturers are always ready to create one custom-made for you. Order the logo of your favorite sports club, an image of your family, or anything else, and they will deliver.

Use the entire garage for storage

All that stuff we mentioned initially- the items you need to select and keep half of it – needs to go somewhere. If you don’t have, get yourself new storage cabinets, toolboxes, and closets, but also think about using the walls and the ceiling for larger items, like your bike.

Place cork boards on the walls and hang some of the most frequently used tools. If your garage is tiny and you need more room, you may even install a ramp where some of your items will be lifted to the ceiling, creating a double-level storage space inside.

Fill in the places where you have enough room with cabinets and toolboxes. If you have smaller items, like tools, you should store them inside these places, but if there are more oversized items, like the bike we mention, hand them up and free up some room.

Invest in lighting and complete the smart garage idea

Your garage’s lighting is probably poor as lighting standards were much lower than they are today. You probably only have one lightbulb at the top of the garage, and that’s it. While you’re renovating, why not make the changes entirely and create a truly amazing garage?

Instead of relying on it, opt for more lighting and various options. Change the wiring in the garage and install more lights on different corners. Make the place look like a surgery room when you turn all of them, but also have the chance to control every one of them separately.

Another thing while you’re there and changing the wires is to create an ultimate smart garage. Set up speakers, lights, heating, cooling, and everything you can to the internet and control them from one point – your smartphone.


These four points should be enough to explain what a new and modern garage should look like and what are the main steps to create one. The first thing is to throw away everything you don’t use regularly and then optimize for the best experience by replacing old with new.

Photo by Brandi Alexandra on Unsplash

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