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Manage Cricket Pests: Controlling Crickets In The Garden

How to manage cricket pests?

Crickets are known to be a big nuisance to a lot of homeowners due to the chirping sound that they make. This chirping sound which is made by male crickets to attract female mates is annoying puts a lot of people off. While this is the major problem that they pose to humans, many individuals wonder if they are dangerous. A lot of differing opinions exist on the dangers of crickets, and this article will give all the correct answers to that. Check out here.

Are Crickets Harmful?

The answer to this question is no.  Asides from being noisy pests, crickets do not pose any harm to human beings. While they do not bite, sting, or transmit any diseases, they can be destructive in the home. Crickets feed on fabric including linen, fur, cotton, silk, and wool.

Crickets are known to have a preference for clothes that are soiled in sweat or food. So, it is best to keep your clothes clean always. Better still, keep your stained clothes in a safe area in the home. However, as much as crickets do not harm humans, they are known to harm gardens by destroying flowers and young plants.

How To Get Rid Of Crickets

Crickets can be cute with their chirping sounds, that you might like. However, if you have a garden that you need to protect, then it is best to get employ means to get rid of these insects. Several eco-friendly methods can be employed in getting rid of crickets from your garden. We will discuss some of them below.

  • Lighting: Before we discuss how lighting can be effectively utilized to get rid of crickets, it is important to discuss the role of mating. Crickets destroy your plants, not only by feeding on them but by also laying their eggs in the soil. This is why it is important to cut out the lighting to prevent them from having their nighttime ritual in your garden. Reducing the light in your garden is the best way to achieve this. Take out floodlights or porch lights, and replace them with yellow incandescent bug lights or sodium vapor lamps. The importance of this is to make the garden a less attractive location for the crickets.
  • Predators: Another way through which you can control crickets in your garden is by introducing predators. Animals such as lizards and birds are natural enemies of crickets and will do a good job of getting them out of your garden by killing them.

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