List of the Best FMCG Companies in South Africa
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List of the Best FMCG Companies in South Africa

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies are those that manufacture and distribute products that are frequently consumed by the mass market. Because they target the mass market, these companies typically generate lots of revenue. Data from Deloitte reveals that the top 50 FMCG companies in Africa account for revenue of up to $30 billion annually. The majority of the top African FMCG companies are found in Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. South Africa is leading the pack with most of the companies. The following is a conservative list of FMCG companies in South Africa.

1. ACE

Even though ACE is a relatively young company. It has carved out a niche in maize milling and is now known to be the leading maize meal producer in the country. Apart from various maize meal brands, the company also recently ventured into the breakfast cereal and instant porridge niches.

2. Albany Bakeries

Albany Bakeries comes second to none in the bread niche in South Africa. They have such a wide assortment of bread types that every family member can always count on getting something that fits their taste. The company was founded to give South Africans longer lasting freshness in their bread choices, and they seem to be living up to the challenge.

3. Alpen Food Company

Founded in 1996, Alpen is the leading breakfast cereal manufacturer in South Africa. The UK based Weetabix limited has 50% ownership of the company, and this allows Alpen to benefit from over 100 years of cereal manufacture experience. Alpen prides itself in providing healthy cereals that will keep their customers happy and active.

4. Aunt Caroline

Aunt Caroline is, without a doubt, the number one rice producer in the KZN region. They have consistently produced high-quality rice, and this is their main selling point.

They achieve this by ensuring only the highest quality of rice grains are packaged for sale. This means that the customers can always count on Aunt Caroline to give them the best-tasting rice. The Aunt Caroline basmati rice is the perfect rice for making curries, Biryani and many assorted sweet desserts.

5. Clover

Clover is largely a dairy business that concentrates on milk value addition. The company was founded over 100 years ago by some dairy farmers who pooled their resources together to establish a dairy co-operative. Today, the company has a wide array of products ranging from milk, yogurt, soy milk, lactose-free dairy products, beverages, and products for toddlers. In addition to the products they sell, they also share free recipes with their customers.

6. Elgin Chickens

Elgin is the leading supplier of free-range chickens in South Africa. They supply the South African market with a total of 75,000 chickens every week. With such huge volumes, there is a good chance that if you order chicken at a leading restaurant or deli, you will be served with an Elgin chicken. Jeanne set up the company with one goal — to offer South Africans with drug-free, antibiotic-free, and stress-free chicken. Elgin chickens are therefore reared using the free-range method which makes them tasty and healthy.

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