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How To Properly Deal With A Wasp Nest On Your Property

Wasp nests can be found in a wide range of locations, but dealing with them is always the same. It’s important to know what you have to do in order to properly deal with finding a wasp nest on your property. Keep reading for some tips and tricks that will help you handle this situation!

Call A Professional To Come And Remove The Wasp Nest

Dealing with wasps can be a dangerous job, so leaving it to a professional is always best. They will always come up with the perfect strategy to remove the wasps from your property. There are other benefits to dealing with a professional, such as having fewer people injured by stings and protecting yourself from any diseases that could be carried by the wasp species. When dealing with an infestation of this nature it is always best to leave the job to a professional who has been trained in safely removing all types of nests.

Wasps are really dangerous in London during the summer months. As soon as you find a nest, you should call pest control in Lambeth who will come out and deal with the issue. It will take them no time to deal with the problem without too much damage or injury.

Wear Protective Gear

Whenever dealing with problems like these, it’s crucial to wear protective gear. You’ll need the following:

  • special wasp spray
  • gloves
  • boots
  • safety goggles
  • a face mask
  • a thick towel
  • long sleeves, pants, and socks.

Wasp nests are usually tacked onto walls of buildings or on trees that provide them shelter from the elements as well as certain predators (cats for example). They can range anywhere between a few inches to several feet wide depending on what they’re made out of.

Deal With It Early In The Morning

Dew is the worst enemy of a wasp because it can’t fly when the levels are too high, which is usually around 5 am. That’s why dealing with a wasp nest early in the morning gives you more time to make sure that there aren’t any other nests on your property and deal with it properly without having to worry about getting stung by dozens of them as they come out from their nests.

This gives you a huge advantage because you can get rid of as many wasps as possible before they have a chance to become more aggressive. Even if they do, they won’t be able to change you because of the dew, so you’re in the safe zone if you get up early and deal with this pest problem.

Make A Torch And Smoke Them Out

Fire can be your greatest weapon when dealing with a wasp nest. There are many ways to make one, but the easiest way is using newspaper and masking tape. Make sure it has plenty of ventilation so that you can keep your distance when dealing with them so they don’t sting you!

If dealing with an active wasps’ nest isn’t possible at the moment, start making preparations to do so once their activity dies down in order to not risk getting stung by these dangerous insects. Keep the torch close to the nest and wait for them to come out. The smoke will draw them into the outside, while the flames will burn their wings and they’ll start falling without having a fighting chance. Just make sure to burn down the whole thing and throw the rest in the garbage so that there’s no trace of a nest ever being there because new flocks will want to move in there.

Use Insecticide On The Area Of The Nest

The insecticide is another effective way to kill the wasps. Ensure that you are using an insecticide labeled for use against wasps. The label should tell what pests it is designed for, how to apply it properly, and any safety precautions or restrictions on its use.

Make sure to spray it correctly and accordingly, and only in the area of the nest. Do not spray it anywhere else or you could end up harming animals, plants, and people in your neighborhood including children who may be playing outdoors in that area. When dealing with a wasp nest always take extra precautions to avoid getting stung by their venomous stingers at all costs! 

How To Deal With A Wasp Nest – Spray Water At It With A Garden Hose


Water can also be a lot of help dealing with a wasp nest. If there is one that you need to deal with, spray the area around it enough so that they are not able to fly back into their home easily after being sprayed by water. For dealing with an active wasps’ nest, spraying the entrance should be done in order for them to stop going and coming out of their nests as well as forcing them away from your yard. After doing this long enough, most likely they will abandon their nests and go elsewhere.

Whenever you’re dealing with wasps you should call pest control. If doing it on your own, gear up, use fire, spray, or water and you’ll be fine. It’s important to do it in the morning when they can’t fly. Good luck and be careful!

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