How To Prepare For A Home Renovation
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How To Prepare For A Home Renovation

Are you gingerly awaiting a renovation project? Whether it’s a large-scale project like an extension or a slightly smaller (but equally stressful) kitchen renovation, they can be a big deal. It creates lots of noise and lots of mess in your home, which no one enjoys! Despite this, over 77% of Brits spent money on improving their property in 2021. If you’re seeking ways to prepare for a home renovation, keep reading.

Prepare For A Home Renovation by Prioritizing Your Possessions

With dust and debris lying everywhere, renovation and construction projects are messy business. Furniture and valuables should be moved away or covered from the area receiving the work, otherwise you’ll be making heftier investments to replace things on top of the renovation cost itself. Plus, this will help make space for the workers to spread out and place their tools in convenient spots. As an extra precaution, you could make an inventory to keep track of items. All in all, it’s a great excuse to have a clear-out and declutter.

Close off non-project spaces

By closing doors and securing off certain spaces, this will help you store items safely, ideally behind a locked door. Find a room in the house that will provide some respite from the chaos and get yourself set up in there with things to keep you occupied. Some people even move their microwave into these spaces while having the kitchen renovated.

Stay out of the way

Renovation projects are not only messy work, but they can also be noisy. In short, it’s best to stay out of the way while the work is going on. It’s a minefield for health and safety hazards but as long as you stay out the way, you should be fine. Remember that you can make a claim if you get injured but to avoid the risks altogether you’re best staying with a friend or in a hotel for a few nights.

Prepare for people in your home

You might have the friendliest contractors going, but that still doesn’t keep the uncomfortable feeling of strangers being in your home for a long period of time. It’s a good idea to keep valuables stowed away so that they don’t get damaged – even if that’s your favourite mugs! Some people use floor covers to help keep parts of their home safe and out of sight. On top of this, work out a system where you and the workers can keep the property safe. You might give them a key, adjust your working hours or involve your neighbours somehow.

Have you undergone any renovation projects recently? Share your hints and tips below to help others get through upcoming projects with as little hassle as possible!

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