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How To Mount A TV At Home – A Handyman’s Guide

Looking to save some money on a call-out service? You can easily mount your own flat screen with this simple DIY guide on how to mount a TV.

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So you recently bought a nice flat screen for your living room? Congratulations! But where should you put it so it won’t take up too much space? Mounting your TV will allow you to view the screen from multiple angles and not have to rest on a piece of furniture.

If you’re wondering how to mount a TV, keep reading for a complete DIY guide to mounting your own flat screen! If you are in the market for a new TV and a TV disposal seems like a difficult task to undertake especially with all the recycling requirements nowadays, contact a specialist to solve your problem in no time.

mounting a wall tv

1. Collect the Right Tools

Most people will be mounting their TVs to drywall, so the tools needed are standard. The first tool you need and might not already have is a stud finder, which will help you identify where the wood studs are behind the drywall for mounting.

Other standard tools include a power drill and bits, a level, and a socket wrench. You’ll also need a standard and a head screwdriver, drywall screws and a wall mounting kit for your specific TV. If you think you’ll need professional installment after reading this, you can research to learn more about professional TV installment and TV plans.

2. Find the Position on the Wall and Use a Stud Finder

Take a look around the room where you’re mounting the TV, and decide which wall and what position you want to put the television. Locate the wall studs by moving the stud finder across the wall until it indicates that one has been found. Mark it with painters tape or a pencil.

tv wall mounted


3. Drill Into the Wall and Attach the Bracket

At this point, you will want to mark your pilot holes which are small holes that will allow your mounting screws to enter into the wall.

Then, hold the mount up to the wall and use your level. You won’t be able to mount the TV properly if the mount is crooked. Then, mark with a pencil where you’re going to drill the holes to attach the mount to the wall.

Using a drill with a masonry bit, you can then drill holes where you marked and then attach the mounting bracket to the wall. While holding the mount to the wall, drill the screws into the pilot holes you made earlier.

great wall art with tv


4. Attach the Mounting Plate and Mount Your TV

At this stage, you’re ready to mount the plate and attach your TV, but make sure you remove the stand from the television first. Then, find the mounting plate attachment holes that are on the back of the TV.

Using the hardware in your mounting kit, attach the plate to the back of the television. You can now mount the TV to the wall. Line the mounting plate on the TV with the bracket and connect them using the instructions provided in the mounting kit.

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Learning How to Mount a TV is a Great DIY Project

By following the steps above you’ve learned how to mount a TV and can enjoy your new viewing experience! This is a great DIY project to take on, just make sure you have all the right tools and the proper mounting kit.

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