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How To Clean The Inside Of a Dryer – Do it Like a Pro

Want to know how to clean the inside of your dryer like a pro? One of the essential tips for dryer vent maintenance for homeowners is a regular cleaning habit. The most effective and practical way to do this is to clean the machine’s exterior every after using it. 

But the most helpful tip is to clean the dryer in and out. Thus making cleaning the vent is a practical step to keep the appliance in good condition always.

Save cash and time when calling for a professional’s help. Here are practical tips to guide you when cleaning the interior of the dryers yourself. 

How to Clean the Inside of the Dryer

Before you go ahead and open the vent wall and filter, get the answer to your dryer quires first. “Do dryers need to be cleaned?” Certainly!

Once a year, you need a professional dryer cleaning Clairemont, a local dryer service team to check and maintain the vents off and heater systems. These pros got tools to keep the ductworks in place and free from potential damages causing fire hazards.

But when you use the dryer, you have a role to keep in check the parts of the machine and maintain them in their proper storage. With that said, here are tips when you DIY clean the dryer.

1- Check the parts and get familiar with it

This first step is essential. You have to know which parts of the dryers need DIY cleaning and which parts need the hands of experts to fix.

Here are the main dryer interior parts for you to handle:

  • Dryer exhaust hose
  • Lint filter
  • Lint screen
  • Clothes drum
  • Dryer tubes

Even though you can reach out for these parts, you still need to be cautious when cleaning these. Be careful not to drop or spray liquid near open holes that may cause the machine to spark.

Be gentle when cleaning tubes, wipe them lightly and do not exert too much effort. It might tear, or you might accidentally punch tiny holes on them.

2- Unclog Vent Hose

The next is to unclog the vent hose. The common problem in dryer vents is the clogged tubes and hoses. The exhaust tubes are where the warm air flows out. 

A clean exhaust tube is free from lint, debris of dirt, or clothes thread. The dryer will generate enough heat to dry to clothes when the hose is free from any small blockage.

3- Scrape excess lint

The interior of the dryer has clothes drum in it. Some machines will have the lint trap[ attached to the side of the drum. This lint trap catches the loose threads from the clothes. It also traps and filters any dirt that detaches from the pieces of clothes.

It is crucial to prevent the lint trap filled with excessive clothes debris, hairs, and even fur from animals. The common reason the vents and exhaust tubes get clogged with dort is to overflowing lint in the filter.

4- Wide the Clothes Drum

You may not need to clean the innermost part of the dryer vent very often if you are taking good care of the drum. Also known as the clothes basket. This part is where you place in all your laundry to dry.

While it is enough to have the lint trap clear of any dirt, the drum that is clear of excess lint will help care for the dryer. 

Final Reminders

From cleaning the most reachable part of the dryer, you can now prevent any problem that can get worse. Make sure always to clean the clothes basket after use, and you will avoid all common issues that happen to the dryer.

And after doing your part, set up a schedule for your annual dryer maintenance with professional dryer cleaners.

Photo by PlanetCare on Unsplash

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