How to Choose a Floor Lamp
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How to Choose a Floor Lamp

Lighting is vital to the design and atmosphere of a room, especially a living space. One of the most versatile light fixtures is the floor lamp, as it provides lighting and a beautiful design accessory. When buying the proper lighting for your home, it’s good to know a few recommendations on choosing a floor lamp.

Essential tips on how to choose a floor lamp not only for the living room

1. Choose according to purpose

Why do you need a floor lamp for your home or office? There are three types of floor lamp lighting – spatial, decorative, and work. Lamps with lampshades are perfect for spatial lighting. Such lamps provide intense indirect light by reflection. If you want to liven up your favourite reading nook or workspace, look for a reading lamp with a flexible arm or a tilting shade to provide focused, direct lighting for various tasks. An arc lamp is also ideal, as it can spread across the space or shine upwards. We recommend using decorative lamps in the shape of a torch for discreet lighting.

2. Choose the right size

Another deciding factor when choosing a floor lamp is the space it takes up. It would help if you looked for a lamp that will not interfere with movement and will have enough space around it. Floor lamps take up more space than wall or table lamps or lampshades. Some floor lamps have low bases (bottom parts of the lamps). In most cases, they can thus be inserted under the furniture (sofa), i.e. they do not get in the way and save space.

3. Choose the right colour

When selecting a floor lamp, it is essential to consider its purpose. Determine whether you require spatial lighting, decorative lighting, or a lamp for work-related tasks. If you need intense indirect light for a specific area, a lamp with a shade would be ideal. For a reading nook or workspace, opt for a reading lamp with a flexible arm or tilting shade to provide focused, direct lighting. An arc lamp can also be a great choice as it spreads light across the space or shines upwards. If you prefer discreet lighting, consider decorative lamps in the shape of a torch. Additionally, ensure that the size of the lamp fits the available space. Look for a black floor lamp that won’t obstruct movement and leaves sufficient room around it. Some floor lamps have low bases, allowing them to be conveniently placed under furniture such as sofas, saving valuable space in the process. By carefully selecting the right color and considering its purpose and size, a black floor lamp can be a stylish and functional addition to your space.

4. Choose the appropriate height of the floor lamp

Remember that the higher the light source, the wider the illumination. Look for height-adjustable floor lamp types so you can choose the right amount of light you need. Another factor is the ceiling height. A low-floor lamp is not suitable for a room with a very high ceiling, and a lamp that is almost as high as the ceiling is not an ideal choice. Another option is lamps with a reading light that lights up independently and can be moved in different directions in most cases. In this way, you choose the right angle of the light so that you can read well and that the light does not dazzle you.

To find the ideal solution for your living or working space, use the eye level rule when choosing the height of a floor lamp. If you are sitting in a chair, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level. The shade should be below eye level or at eye level to prevent glare if you are on the sofa.

5. Choose according to the functions of the floor lamp

Buy a floor lamp with features that will suit your needs:

Built-in Dimmers: Some floor lamps are equipped with a dimmer that can be controlled by foot, while others have a dimmer with a push button switch. The dimmer allows you to increase or decrease the light level to set the right light intensity for your “romantic hours”.

USB – A floor lamp with a USB port allows you to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices, which is incredibly convenient if you are working.

Fully adjustable floor lamp with flexible joints to easily adjust the appropriate light angle or height positioning.

LED – many types of floor lamps provide a new dimension of lighting thanks to the use of LED technology, thanks to particular shapes or technical functions such as changing the temperature of the light. The LED lamps from our offer have up to a 7-year LED warranty.

6. Invest in quality and design pieces

Regarding floor lamp prices, designer pieces cost more than basic models. So if you want a floor lamp that is more of a work of art, be prepared to pay more for such a lamp.

What are the most popular floor lamps on the market today? Here are some of them:

Industrial design floor lamp

Modern households and designers choose the industrial design floor lamp, one of the most popular styles for their home improvement projects. The bare “Edison” light bulb is a typical sign of this style. Raw wood, cast iron, or copper is usually used, reminiscent of a country style with a rough look. This lamp features a great aesthetic that attracts people who want unusual and eye-catching lighting in their living or workspace.

Wooden floor lamps

Regarding primary material, wooden floor lamps remain the best choice as they provide the perfect ambience for any interior design. Wooden floor lamps offer a feeling of warmth and complete the creation of the room. Whether you want a classic, rustic look or modern functional features, a wooden floor lamp is the best design solution.

Tripod floor lamps

The unique and elegant look of the standing lamp on the tripod base is slowly becoming a hit. The inventive, innovative and stylish design of these tripod floor lamps adds freshness to the interiors of contemporary homes and offices. They are incredibly decorative, multifunctional and mobile. The metal tripod floor lamp adds an exciting and modern effect to the luxurious living room.

Photo by Steffen Lemmerzahl on Unsplash

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