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How to Find the Best Plumber in the Market

Plumbing is a handy job for DIY enthusiasts. However, there are professional plumbers who can fix a leaking pipe. Nevertheless, not many people know where to start looking when searching to hire for the best plumber in the market. Don’t worry though because this article aims at addressing this problem. Take a look at what you must know before you hire a plumber.

Ask Friends and Relatives to Hire a Plumber

Referrals account for a huge percentage in many businesses and plumbing is no exception. Hence, you can take the time to ask friends and family members for the best plumber. This is especially helpful if you’re new in a certain area. Chances are some of your friends or relatives may have past experience with remodeling contractors which they can refer to you.

Research Online to Hire a Plumber

Referrals are a good way to find a plumber in the shortest time possible. However, with time on your side, you can search for plumbers online. For instance, you can use the Better Business Bureau to check customer reviews and complaints against the companies. In addition, you can also check whether the companies such as Fast Plumbers Pty Ltd meet industry requirements and whether they have the required plumbing licenses.

Ask Questions

Asking questions about a certain plumber will give you more knowledge about the plumber. By doing this, you avoid surprises, but it’s advisable to get a plumber who’s been in the industry for no less than 5 years. In addition, ask questions about the plumber’s licenses and their insurance in order to determine whether the plumber has the required knowledge. Furthermore, should anything go wrong, the insurance will take care of any damages.

Put it in Writing Before Hire a Plumber

Eventually, you’ll find a preferred plumber. When you do, it’s important to draft a contract which will outline the details of the job. This includes the job description and the estimated costs on job completion.

In fact, a reputable and professional plumber will insist on a contract since this document will take care of their interests as much as yours. In addition, also make sure the plumber guarantees their job for a reasonable period after completing the job.

Who is a Good Plumber to Hire?

While you may know how to find the best plumber, it’s important to also know how to identify a good individual plumber. Take a look at what you must look for in a good plumber.

1. A license

A qualified plumber must have a license to show they are accepted in the plumbing industry. What’s more, they should also have a stellar record with minimal customer complaints about previous jobs handled.

2. An Insurance

While you may have a homeowner’s insurance, your plumber must also have a type of insurance of no less than $500,000 to cover any damages incurred during the job. This insurance will also cover injuries to the plumber or to anyone around the work area.

3. Extensive Experience

A plumber with industry experience will ensure a quality job. Therefore, you want to check the number of years the plumber has been in the industry. Keep in mind, acquiring the necessary experience takes some years.

4. Social Skills

Communication is key in every business and plumbing is no exception. You may have a serious leak in one of your pipes which needs immediate attention. A plumber must be able to communicate their availability and must be truthful about it as well.

In addition, the plumber must have your best interests at heart during the job such as offering cost-effective options.

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  • Alice Carroll

    You made a good point that social skills are also important when it comes to hiring a plumber. I know close to nothing about the technical terms when it comes to plumbing so I would prefer it if I have a plumber that can explain them well to me. I’m planning to get a water softener soon so that’s when I would really need all the technical stuff in layman’s terms in order to know how to properly maintain it.

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