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Choose a Watch that Best Fits the Style, Taste and Persona of Your Man

Wearing a watch can come across as a passion, a hobby or just a routine. But for some people it is more than a passion, it is a craze that is inbuilt in their personalities. They invest whole lot of time, money and energy in building that collection and they are super proud of that.

If you also wish to become one of them and want to gain a to z knowledge about the watch you tote around on your wrist, this article is certainly for you. We have covered almost everything you wanted to know about this classic accessory.

There can be three types of watches: Mechanical, Quartz and Automatic.

1. Mechanical – Types of Watches

Many aficionados consider mechanical watches as crème de la crème of timepieces because of the amount if intricate engineering involved in creating such a masterpiece. For such admirers, having a mechanical watch is not just about time, it is their pride, appreciation for delicacy and craftsmanship.

Since mechanical watches work on a hand wound mainspring, batteries are certainly not required. When the watch stops ticking, just wind it up and viola!

If you do not like the “tick tick tick” of the watches like the ones in quartz, mechanical watches are made for you then. The movement of the second hand is smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

Some efficient mechanical watches can work for 48 hours continuously, but it is advisable that you wind it at least once a day. This may come as a pleasure to some while for others it’s quite a nuisance.

It might be possible that some mechanical watches are made to show accurate time, while some may not. Whereas, with age and usage also, the accuracy tends to taper off. Some environmental factors too affect the accuracy which needs to be serviced every 5 to 10 years.

 2. Automatic – Types of Watches

They are more or less as same as the mechanical watches. Automatic watches also work on a mainspring and intricate hears are used to move the hands of the watch. The only difference is- they do not require the manual winding of the mainspring rather the movement of your hand winds it up automatically, hence the “automatic movement”. They are also referred to as “self- winding” watches.

No battery system makes is quite a hassle free choice. If a hand wound mechanism bothers you but you are still a fan of its sophistication, then an automatic timepiece is quite a perfect compromise.

Whereas a condition which is a must to keep an automatic watch working is that if you are not wearing it, you have to keep it in a watch winder. Winders are quite inexpensive and do not require much space either but it’s an extra effort to be mindful of the winder.

3. Quartz

If you are like an average person, possibility is that the watch on your wrist must be quartz. Quartz watches are the most common types of watches being used these days. A quartz timepiece works on electricity driven from a small battery inside and has fewer moving parts they are found to be more accurate and can used much more roughly than the other two types. They require very less maintenance and durable as well.

Most of the watch companies such as Panerai watches manufacture all the three kinds of watches. Now it is absolutely dependent on your style, taste and budget which one you would like to put your hands on.

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