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Haircut Time: How Many Weeks Should You Go Between Haircuts?

You know it is hard to beat the feeling when you step out of the hairdressers, your hair looks and feels fantastic and you feel extra confident because you know you are looking good. Of course, even with your best efforts, the feeling doesn’t last and soon enough you know you will need to return for another cut.

But, how long should you go between haircuts and when is haircut time?

Haircut Time 6 Week Average

Most experts agree that six weeks is a reasonable amount of time between haircuts. At this stage, your hair is just starting to lose its style but isn’t so long as to look a mess. It’s amazing how quickly this changes within just another week or two!

Factors That Influence Hair Cut Regularity

Naturally, not everyone is the same. When considering how often to go for a hair cut you should spare a moment to think about the following factors.

Styling Tool

If you use heat products, such as hairdryers and a quality hair straightener, you are likely to need to visit the hairdressers slightly more often. Heat styling tools will dry your hair, a heat styling product will help to minimize this but you are still likely to suffer from split ends.

A hair cut can eliminate the split ends and encourage more hair growth. You’ll have to decide how frequently depending on how quickly you get split ends.

Hair Type

If you have thick hair it is likely to get bushier and look out-of-style faster than thin hair will. This means thin hairstyles can go longer without needing to get a haircut. Of course, if you have normal hair then you are more likely to be going every six weeks.

Hair Length

Another consideration is the length of your hair. The shorter your hair the quicker it will be noticeable that your hairstyle is fading and you will feel your hair needs to be cut and re-styled.

Equally, you may wait longer for your haircut if you already have long hair and are growing it out. Of course, it will depend on what type of fringe you currently have.

Specific styles may even need to be cut as often as every three weeks, simply because they will lose their shape quickly.

Other Factors That Influence Haircut Frequency

There are several other factors that dictate how often you need to have your haircut. The most obvious is your personal perception. If you feel that your hair is losing style, hard to get in the right style, or simply getting too long, you’ll want to get to your hairdresser. This could be much quicker or slower than the average interval.

Equally, if your hair is damaged you’ll want to book more frequent haircuts to help you grow or cut the damage out and keep your hair looking fantastic. Split ends are a common issue that can be removed with a trim.

In short, while the average is six weeks, as soon as you feel you need a cut, book one!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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