How to Handle Stressed Skin
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How to Handle Stressed Skin?

Stressed skin ? Nowadays there are many reasons that one may be stressed. It can be due to COVID-19 and lockdowns. You may have gotten spots coming on skin that were never present before. Dryness is another issue that may occur on previously smooth skin. Psychological stress along with skin tend to be connected. Stress leads to skin disease which can cause more stress.

The following are some ways you can keep care of skin that has experienced stress.

Consider what you consume

If you have an amazing skincare routine, it will not be effective if your diet is not good. Have protein, carbohydrates, natural sugars, antioxidant leafy greens, good fats in the diet. Water is also important. Try and drink around two liters in a day to limit the impacts of dehydration.

Sleep is another important thing you need to focus on. Try and sleep for eight hours so that the skin can repair itself.

Exercise and yoga

Develop a good exercise routine. It should make the heart pump. Find some slow and mindful activities that can help turn off your sympathetic nervous system. This is the one that makes us feel anxious.

Yoga is good. If you practice it often like three times in a week, it may help in reducing cortisol levels.

Care for the skin

Skincare is important when wanting to de-stress skin. There are many brands producing skincare products dedicated to this, like stressed skin products.

You have to know which ingredients are effective for this type of skin. Look for those that include skin barrier-building ceramides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory honey. These are able to give skin what it requires to be able to calm down. Find one or two that can be added to your routine.

A targeted moisturizer can even aid you out in bolstering skin. Stay away from heavy creams, oils, as well as ointments. Products that are highly fragranced must be avoided.

A nighttime recovery mask can be good as well. Apply it according to the instructions stated. You can gently massage your face with it to enhance circulation.

Keep the skin safe from more harm by getting a SPF that is an antioxidant-enriched one.

Any products that you decide to get, make sure their ingredients are good for your skin.

Dull skin

Dull skin can result when skin is stressed. If you want a boost include a Vitamin C serum. This is for individuals who do not possess any huge skin issue and only feel as if their skin requires a little boost.

The serum can aid in limiting brown spots as well as fine lines plus wrinkles. If you mix this with Vitamin E, B12 along with Ferulic, the Vitamin C can be a strong antioxidant which limits free radical harm. It enhances the luster of skin as well.

It depends on the way that your skin is being impacted by stress, according to this you will select which product to use. Try and reduce stress by exercising, meditating, eating and sleeping well.

Photo by Carolina Heza on Unsplash

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