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How to Fix Common Garage Door Problems

Garage doors work by moving up and down through a series of motors. However, sometimes these doors decide to keep you out or inside the house. Don’t panic when such happens to you because there’re various ways to cure the problem.

This article will focus on various garage door problems and what you can do fix them.

1. A Noisy Door

If you have a bedroom next to the garage door, then whoever will spend their nights in it will have a difficult time finding some sleep. Nevertheless, this is a simple problem to fix and shouldn’t take you long to complete.

In most cases, noisy garage doors may be as a result of faulty or worn-out hinges. For this, you may want to replace the hinges. In other cases, basic routine maintenance will be all you need. This includes applying lubricants to eliminate creaks while opening. However, if the issue of the noisy garage door continues, seeking expert assistance is the only way to get your sleep back. But then you’ll have to find the most suitable option for fixing this problem, so click here and get your sleep back as soon as possible. Because this time, your garage door needs some actual fixing. 

2. Broken Glass

Many garage doors face playing areas. Others even act as the play area as is the case with basketball where the hoop is placed above the garage door. During play, chances are the ball may hit the glass windows and break them.

This is a safety hazard since broken glass may cause serious injuries or even cause a tire puncture. Therefore, replacing the window and clearing the area of shuttered glass should be a priority. Don’t worry though because replacing a window isn’t difficult. In fact, if you’ve replaced a house window in the past, then this should be a breeze.

3. Faulty Openers

Imagine this, what would happen if your garage door opener malfunctioned? You see, every day you press the open button to open and close your garage door at least 4 times a day. This means the door works quite a bit during these times.

However, the opener may just decide to go on holiday on the worst day. During a terrible storm, which will leave you stuck outside punching into the opener with anger and frustration. Sometimes the issue could be a loose wire which cuts off electricity, thus preventing any action.

If unable to resolve the issue, you can contact Garage Door Repair Charlotte to help you fix your door.

4. Frozen Garage Doors

Now, this is a common problem for many homeowners. After a long day at work and an agonizing journey back home in the freezing cold, you’ll want the garage door to open as fast as possible. Unfortunately, this is the same day the cold and moisture gang up to deny you entrance into the garage.

Garage doors have tendencies to freeze to the floor in winter. However, hitting the opener button may open the door. Sometimes, the door may refuse to open on the first attempt. If this is the case, avoid the temptation to keep punching into the opener button. This will only lead to problems with the opener.

Rather, opt for de-icing solutions such as using a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt the ice. After opening the door, make sure you clear the ice under the door to prevent future problems.

Don’t let that garage door lock you out on a freezing evening after work or get you late for work. With these common problems and their simple fixes, you should be able to crank the garage door open without having to call a repairman.

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