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7 Popular Roofing Ideas for Homes

When you are building a new home, there is so much to consider. From basements to crawlspaces and ceiling heights to great rooms, the decisions you make will have an impact on the look and feel of your home. While there isn’t too much difference in framing walls, there are many options when you get to your roof. Most people think all they have to worry about is using shingles or metal for their roofs. Before you get to that choice, there are some other things to consider. What type of roof do you really want? Are you interested in a standard roof like your neighbors? Or are you looking for something different? Let’s go over some roofing ideas for your new home.

Roofing Ideas -The Gable Roof

This is the standard roof that most houses use. It is basically an upside-down V with a gable end. It can come in various pitches or slopes. You can include dormers on the sides to open up the second story or add light to the rooms.

There are various types of roofing materials to cover this roof, including shingles, metal, or even slate. It’s a simple design that is easy to build and easier on the wallet.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is pretty much like it sounds. There are no peaks as the roof stays horizontal with a slight slope to drain away water. This gives you full height on your second floor with a flat ceiling as the main floor has. 

You typically see them in commercial buildings, but they create a modern look to many upscale homes. You can utilize this style to have a rooftop patio or garden and they are very affordable. A flat roofing company can help you set up this structure quickly and efficiently.

Flat roofs use a different type of material than other homes, and for a good reason. Make sure there is a full seal so that water doesn’t leak into your home structure. Your home will look upscale with this style, and it won’t break the bank either.

Barn Roof

This classic style is called a Gambrel, typically seen on a barn or Dutch colonial home. The “Dutch roof” has two slopes that change from shallow to steep and gives your second story more headroom than a traditional gable roof.

Because there are more angles, there are more ridges to deal with. You need to make sure these are properly waterproofed because water loves to find openings to leak into. They are charming and fit well with a homestead on acreage or a farm, but they can be built anywhere. But, one should note that, for every roof-related repair or installation, hiring a professional is a necessity. With more a homeowner gets the benefit of skill and expertise. Roofing professionals will make sure that you are satisfied with your roof no matter what type of roof you need.

Hip Roof 

The hip roof slopes on all sides and comes to the top at a ridge. They are better for more extreme weather and can be a high or low pitch depending on the look you want. They work well for vaulted ceilings or attics but have a more complicated design. The extra seams ensure there is no water leaking.

Salt Box Roof

This roof type has an asymmetrical design by combining a lean-to-type roof with a gable. The result gives you a typical 1 1/2 story home where one side is high and the other has a deep pitch. This is reminiscent of a colonial home and has a great look.

Roofing Ideas- Shed Roof

We all have seen a shed roof before. It is basically a roof that slopes one way like a lean-to. It is an angled flat roof, allowing rain to flow freely off the lower side. They are simple and inexpensive to build with rafters or flat trusses. A variation on it is a double shed roof where different parts of the roof slant in opposite directions. This is a very unique look. For a more modern style, there are a few that look great and function very well.

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Butterfly Roof

This is a very unique roof style and looks like an inverted gable. The butterfly roof, or gull wing, is an architectural design that you don’t see often, but it does catch the eye. They can be a challenge with water drainage and drains clogging up, so maintenance has to be done regularly. They also come with a hefty price tag. However, if you are looking for that tropical, modern look, the butterfly roof will be a great choice.

The above roofing options range from classic to modern designs, allowing you to pick a roof that suits your style and budget. Your home is your biggest investment, so you want to be happy with how your roof looks. Make sure to choose a roofing style you like and enjoy all the advantages of that design.

Photo by Jack Price-Burns on Unsplash

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