Bringing That Old Living Room Into The Present
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Bringing That Old Living Room Into The Present

Does walking into your living room feel like time travelling back to a 1970s hotel lobby? It was the height of fashion then, but it’s too much blast from the past to feel relaxed in now. So, unless you want to rent your home out as a movie set, stick that orange vinyl sofa out in the garage and tear up that lime-shag carpet, it’s time to bring that time capsule into the 21st Century! Let’s see how to bring that old living room into 2023.

Start from the ground up

So, under that shaggy carpet, you found something much uglier, oh the horror! You need new flooring and you need it now! Wood floors are a timeless classic, check out the gorgeous real timber flooring available in Sydney, the beauty of its rich grain, and its natural heaviness make it superior to other types of floorboards, it’s sure to please for a lifetime!

Splash that paint on

Interiors used to all be painted shades of white, bright or muted, gloss or matte, and all boring. There’s a vast selection to choose from today, all the colors of the rainbow and some it didn’t think of, it’s hard to choose! Pick up a bunch of those little sample cards from the paint store that catches your eye, then take them home and visualize them transforming your living room from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’! Once everything has dried, be sure to add some new wall decorations, and the finishing touches to liven up your colorful new room!

Choosing the right furniture

Out with the old, in with the new! Take a good look at what you have now and decide if any of it can still feel at home in your upgraded space. Some classic pieces stand the test of time and will still look great after any remodel, while others will be much more comfortable out in the garage with that orange vinyl sofa. Maybe some just need a fresh coat of paint, make sure to use a shade that matches or compliments your new wall and ceiling colors.

Now comes the really fun part, the shopping trip to the furniture store! The vast selection available today might seem daunting at first, how do I choose? Here’s my rule of thumb- comfort first, then style. Of course, you will want to get something that goes with your living room’s fresh new look, but that old sofa was pretty comfortable, so make sure to test out any new candidates first. Just don’t nap for too long, or the store security might come to give you a good shake!

That’s enough to get you started, if you decide to go even further with a major remodel, like putting in a skylight, or doing an add-on, be sure to check your local government’s legal requirements. Now you can get started on making your living room the ‘now’ place to be, and if you miss that orange vinyl sofa you can still visit it out in the garage, we won’t tell! Enjoy your nap!

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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