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Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Correct Immediately

We come across so many sleep remedies on the internet that guarantee quality sleep at night. We start exercising regularly, do yoga, and even start maintaining a diet but nothing seems to work. At the end of the day, we are still tossing and turning in our bed in want of sleep. So, can it be that the sleep remedies do not work, or is it simply the fact that we already follow a ton of poor sleeping habits that prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep? You guessed it right! It’s the latter. To help you identify these bad sleeping habits and sort them out as quickly as possible, we have come up with an extensive piece. So, take a deep breath and read on.

#01 Eating the Wrong Foods

Munching on foods that are rich in fats, oils, carbs, and spices before bedtime can give rise to issues related to the stomach and chest such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heartburn, indigestion, etc. Stay clear of food items such as chocolate, cheese, fries, curries, etc., as they are notorious for ruining your night sleep. Furthermore, make sure that you finish your meals at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed so that your digestive system has enough time to process the food.  

#02 Uncomfortable Dressing

It is mandatory that you shed your laziness and remove any tight-fitting garments before bedtime. Pick loose-fitting clothes that allow proper breathability and do not trap heat. Clothes made of materials such as cotton or silk are considered best for wearing at night. You can even equip yourself with an eye mask and a hair wrap made of silk so that you can prevent yourself from external light and prevent hair fall due to straining, respectively.

#03 Alcohol Consumption

A lot of people rely on alcohol as a sleep-aid which is one of the worst sleeping habits that one can possess. While it is true that alcohol may help you fall asleep quicker, it can potentially ruin the latter half of your sleep which is associated with REM sleep which is crucial for dreaming and memory consolidation. Because alcohol takes a long time to get completely metabolized in the stomach, it is advisable to drink moderately and at least 6 hours before bedtime. Moreover, alcohol is known as a natural diuretic which means that it drastically increases your nighttime toilet trips.

#04 Caffeine Intake

Just like alcohol, caffeine should also be avoided in the latter half of the day because of its stimulating effect. While it is desirable in the day time to have that kick of alertness induced by a cup of coffee, when the same is had before bedtime it can prevent the production of melatonin, the natural sleep hormone of the body. Therefore, steer clear of caffeinated products like tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, chocolates, etc., before you hit the sack.

#05 Use of Electronics

We understand that electronic devices like smartphones and laptops have become an inseparable part of our lifestyle, so much so that it is unthinkable to leave their side even for a few minutes. But what if we told you that it is the same devices that are making it so hard for you to fall asleep at night? As it turns out, the short wavelength blue light emitting from these devices has an adverse effect on the melatonin production in the body and may even cause retinal damage over prolonged usage. Therefore, get rid of all such devices at least 90 minutes before you go to sleep.

#06 Not Following a Bedtime Ritual

Jumping straight to your bed after the day’s toil without giving your mind and body enough time to wind down itself is the perfect recipe for allowing stress buildup. The time before bed that you will be spending away from electronics and work should be invested in mindful activities that help you calm down. Reading a book, drinking a cup of herbal tea, listening to soothing music, and doing bedtime yoga are some of the highly recommended activities that you should be practicing every day before finally calling it a day.

#07 Sleeping on an Old Mattress

A mattress is that important item in your bedroom with which you spend about a third of your day. It is, therefore, no wonder that sleeping on an old and saggy mattress for extended periods can not only ruin your night sleep but also cause pain in various parts of the body such as back, neck, joints, legs, etc. With a plethora of mattress verities in the market, it has become more affordable and fruitful than ever to With a plethora of mattress varieties in the market, it has become more affordable and fruitful than ever to invest in a mattress that provides the right balance between comfort and support. Check out Nolah Mattress to learn more about what mattress is best for your sleep style. Click here to check out one such site that is the one stop solution to all your sleep related requirements.

#08 Excessive Daytime Napping

Napping in a controlled manner has been affirmed by sleep experts as a great way to increase focus and alertness. However, staying asleep for more than 30 to 40 minutes in the daytime can disrupt your night sleep schedule. Unnecessarily napping for longer durations in the daytime is bound to make it hard for you to achieve the best possible timing for sleeping and waking up. While you are at it, make sure that your naps are placed only in the afternoon as the ones close to your bedtime can make it harder for you to doze off at night.

Bottom line

Once you have effectively got rid of all the bad sleeping habits, you will automatically start seeing positive improvements in your sleep health. We hope that the above-mentioned points help you get the quality sleep that you rightly deserve. 

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