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A Comprehensive Guide To Flueless Gas Fireplaces

Flueless gas fireplaces are the latest, innovative concept in fireplace design, and as a result, the market is becoming saturated with a plethora of different options and varieties to choose from.

With that in mind, here is a comprehensive guide to flueless gas fireplaces to help you to ensure you choose the right one for yourself and your family, while also considering the design aesthetic and functionality of your home.

What Actually Is A Flueless Gas Fire?

Flueless gas fireplaces are entirely different from any other type as, instead of a conventional chimney (otherwise known as a flue), they use catalytic technology to produce instantaneous warmth whilst simultaneously releasing little to no carbon emissions. So little, in fact, that the harmless carbon dioxide released (which the catalytic technology creates from the carbon monoxide from the flame) is the same as the levels that are found in normal, fresh air.

They Provide Optimum Safety

Flueless fires are meticulously designed to be completely safe and totally secure, not least because of the incorporation of an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor).

The built-in ODS essentially monitors and maintains the levels of oxygen present in the room, and when the levels fall below the accepted line, the pilot flame automatically breaks away from the area around the sensory probe. This action triggers another device, known as the FFD (flame failure device), which immediately shuts down the supply of gas.

In addition, flueless gas fireplaces are fitted with a catalytic converter as standard, which always ensures the air quality levels are optimal.

They Come In A Range Of Designs

One of the fundamental advantages of a flueless gas fireplace is the wide range of available colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. When sourcing a beautifully designed flueless gas fireplace, it is strongly advisable to visit a professional, experienced, and reputable dealer such as stonewoods.co.uk.

They Are Easy To Install

More often than not, modern homes (and certainly new-build houses) don’t come with a built-in chimney as standard, in fact it is becoming rarer and rarer to find a family who regularly use their chimney in the traditional way. However, all is not lost if you are one of the thousands of people who want to invest in a functional fireplace without having to rip half of your living room out from the wall in order to make it happen.

Flueless gas fireplaces are incredibly simple to install and have several key features that make them the ultimate choice, regardless of the style or size of your property. Flueless gas fireplaces provide a real gas flame and only a small amount of building work is necessary.

They Are Energy Efficient

Flueless gas fireplaces are universally accepted to be one hundred percent energy efficient as absolutely no heat is lost through a chimney. In addition, every single professional-grade flueless gas fireplace is fitted with a catalytic converter, which converts the gases and fumes that are created when your fire is operational during the process of combustion into fewer and less harmful ones. 

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