9 Stunning Projects You Can Make With Epoxy Resin
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9 Stunning Projects You Can Make With Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is an adhesive that’s used to repair and build items of furniture. As a sealant, it is highly effective. It hardens after application and forms a strong bond, allowing two separate objects to be fixed together. Epoxy resin is therefore ideal for repairing damaged items and building furniture. With many people spending more time at home these days, projects like epoxy resin construction can occupy their spare time. This post will tell you about nine projects you can make with this substance:

River Tables

In recent years, river tables have become very popular with do-it-yourselfers. Making one of these tables can be a lot of fun. If you are unfamiliar with them, then they are wooden tables with a carved center, imitating a river. The types of epoxy colors used in these projects tend to be green and blue. Some people go as far as to add small clay trees, although if you plan on using your river table as a dining table or desk, trees likely won’t be suitable for yours. Finding guides for creating these tables should not be difficult as they exist all over the internet.

Table Coasters

Resin is a versatile material; it can be used to create small items of furniture like desks or accessories like table coasters and even kitchen counters. Even though most people are fully aware of the fact that not using coasters is bad for the surface of their tables they go ahead without them anyway. Making resin coasters is a good way of protecting your table surfaces and adding some character to your home. Resin coasters are very easy to make and can be made in a variety of different colors, styles, and patterns.

Epoxy Ashtrays

Smoking is a very bad habit. If you are a smoker then your priority should be quitting rather than making resin accouterments.  That being said, epoxy can be a fantastic material for creating smoking accessories. Epoxy ashtrays have become very popular online, with smokers. An epoxy ashtray will give you somewhere decorative and colorful to discard your cigarette ash. It is certainly true that they deteriorate quicker than glass ones and are more susceptible to burning, but epoxy ashtrays are still a cheap and enjoyable way of getting creative in your home.


Resin paper weights sell for a lot of money online, particularly ones that have flowers inside of them. If you want to start making some cash on the side then why not create your own flower paperweights, then list them on the internet? Alternatively, you could just create them for yourself. While it is true that few people handle physical documents anymore, instead of using the internet, you can still use paper weights to weigh down your mail when it comes. Alternatively, you can just scatter them around your home, adding color and character to every room.

Wall Art

Epoxy resin can be used for larger projects as stated earlier. You can use it to create wall art. Because the resin is a malleable substance that can be purchased in a variety of colors it is perfect for creating wall art. If you are interested in this then you should try and create a mold or frame with a pattern, so when you pour in your resin it fills in the gaps. If you do not have a mold in place then the resin will go everywhere and mix with itself, which can still look good but won’t be as good as it could if a mold were in place.

Chopping Boards

Resin can be used to make chopping boards. However, it does need to be noted that epoxy resin is actually toxic. Using it to create a chopping board means you could potentially end up with resin dust or shards in your food. Most experts advise creating a board that is half wood and half resin. Then, you can use the resin side as decoration and the wooden side for chopping. If you see bits of resin getting into your food or it begins crumbling, use a wooden board inside. Small amounts of resin will not hurt you but ingesting any amount of poison is never sensible.

Kitchen Countertops

You can use resin for much larger projects than chopping boards and wall art. Some people have actually managed to use resin to redo their kitchen countertops. When you consider the fact that marble, wood, and other kitchen counter materials cost a small fortune, resin countertops are a fantastic idea. Resin is an extremely affordable material, not to mention it is easy to work with. You can save yourself a fortune fitting resin countertops. One advantage to working with resin is that you can do it yourself, meaning you do not need to hire somebody to do it for you.

Dinner Trays

Going back to smaller projects for a moment, the resin can be used to make dinner trays. Very few families actually sit around dinner tables to eat anymore. Instead, they tend to prefer huddling in the living room and watching television with their meals. If this sounds like your family, then using resin to make dinner trays is a very good idea. Eating without a tray can be very dangerous. It can lead to you getting food on the floor or furniture. Resin trays usually have wooden frames and resin bases.

Resin Floor

If you have access to a lot of resin and want to really use it to alter your home’s appearance then you could go ahead and create a resin floor. Resin floors are just as durable as marble or wooden, however, they look much better than them. You will need a lot of resin in order for this kind of project to work. The amount needed will cost you a lot of money. As any floor alterations have the potential to go wrong if not done properly, it is important to reach out to a professional and ask them to complete the project for you. Do not attempt to make any floor-related renovations if you are not confident in your abilities to complete the project. You can cause a lot of damage if you do not know what you are doing.

Epoxy resin is a material used for lots of different things, from making floors to kitchen countertops and even paperweights. If using it interests you then you should have no difficulty finding supportive guides online. If you have any doubts, reach out to a professional and ask for their help.

Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash

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