8 Clogged Drain Prevention Tactics and 4 Things You Can Try if Everything Else Fails
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8 Clogged Drain Prevention Tactics and 4 Things You Can Try if Everything Else Fails

If you have ever experienced a clogged drain, you know this can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. You are probably wondering whether or not a plumber is necessary. Before getting overwhelmed with the idea of hiring a professional, consider a few other options.

1. Boiling Water for your Clogged Drain

Start with dumping boiling water into the drain. Often, it could be a small grease buildup. Boiling water will take care of the problem. Just remember to dump it slowly and use caution if you have plastic pipes. If there is a garbage disposal, try turning it on. If the disposal is clogged, the pipes are not going to function properly.

2. Salt is a Great Resource for your Clogged Drain

You may have the answer in your spice cupboard. Salt is very important when it comes to unclogging a drain. If you put some baking soda in with the salt, that will also help with a clogged drain. You can also use vinegar and baking soda along with the boiling water. These are simple non-toxic options that will likely clear the pipe quickly. WaterWorks would suggest these options.

3. Bring Out the Plunger

If you are still struggling to clear the drain, it may be time to bring out the plunger. Put the plug in one side of the sink and start plunging the other side. Often, this will get rid of the problem quickly. Otherwise, you may have to check the P-trap. Usually, this will unscrew easily so that you can find the source of the problem. Even though this is a messy situation, it will save hundreds of dollars to do it yourself.

4. Buy a Plumber’s Snake

Often, you can purchase a plumber’s snake from a home improvement store for around $30. This is a one-time investment that is going to save a lot of money when it comes to hiring a plumber. Basically, you will put the snake into the drain and pull out anything that may be getting in the way. After everything has been loosened up, you can start over with the boiling water process to flush everything else into the sewer. A coat hanger will work very similar to a plumber’s snake.

In the future, the best thing that you can do is prevent this problem from happening. Always use a strainer when draining the sink. Never put anything down the drain except for water. Some people are under the impression that they can flush grease as long as they put plenty of hot water behind it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good idea. If you are cautious with your pipes, there shouldn’t be a lot of plumbing issues. If you have tried all of these ideas and they are still not working, it may be time to contact a plumber.

A plumber is available to take care of your plumbing needs at any hour. Of course, a clogged sink isn’t necessarily an emergency. Schedule an appointment today and a plumber will come to the home to verify the situation. At this point, they will offer their professional opinion and then help you to know what needs to happen. Often, the plumber can clear the pipe within a matter of minutes. Find a plumber today so that you know who to call if something were to go wrong with your clogged drain. At some point, nearly every homeowner is going to need a plumber.

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