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6 Homemade Water Purifier Projects You Can DIY Easily at Home

In the wake of the water contamination crisis, it is imperative that you take safety measures. You can now purify your drinking water with a DIY water purifier at home. Let’s have a look at simple and effective homemade water purifiers that will help you get safe drinking water.

1. Water Purification Bag

Water purification bags are also called Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization bags or Portable Aqua Filter. This bag contains Ultraviolet rays which release deadly UV radiations on entering it through the intake pipe which kills almost 99 germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the water. This bag is like a small pouch and contains powder of compressed ultraviolet rays which release their radiations on entering it through an intake pipe on its bottom. The purifier can be hung inside a pot full of water and then the liquid is sucked into the filter to make your water safe to drink and use. You can alternatively call a professional to set up a water filtration system in your home for best results.

2. Charcoal Sand Water Purifier

The charcoal sand water purifier is also called a slow sand filter. It works on the principle of coagulation and flocculation of solids. The water enters through a small intake pipe which goes under the layer of charcoal sand over a stone bed, where it gets purified due to the natural process that takes place in this type of filter. This homemade water purifier project is very cheap and can be easily done at home. All you need is some plastic sheet, some gravel, and some activated carbon (charcoal).  Make a hole at the center of a coffee can and fit it with a water pipe as shown in the figure. Then make another hole on the lid, to insert activated carbon. Now pack activated carbon into it and pour some gravel over it. This water purifier is very effective as you see your household chores done by none other than you! It is so easy that even a school-going child can do this project under adult supervision. This homemade water purifier has been proved to reduce 80 – 90% of heavy metals present in industrial effluents.

3. Poe Water Purifier

Poe water purifier is used for removing arsenic particles from water. Arsenic has been proved to create cancer-like diseases such as liver cancer, skin cancer, etc… As you know that it’s also undetectable in natural water, so through this simple homemade purifier, you can make up to 10 liters of purified arsenic-free drinking water. You will need an airtight tank (preferably made up of stainless steel), some activated carbon, and an aeration chamber. Now place the activated carbon inside the aeration chamber with its top open. Now attach both with a pipe near to the end portion as shown in the picture below. Now pour contaminated water into the purifier and close the lid. Now let’s pass through activated carbon which filters all polluted particles from it. Then pour filtered water into storage tanks which will now contain arsenic-free water for your use.

4. Water Sterilization Using Electricity

You can make a simple homemade purifier at home by doing this process. This process is done with the help of high voltage electric energy by passing it through copper plates as shown below. In this process, electricity passes through copper plates to split hydrogen and oxygen from water into gas. These two gases are then recombined over another copper plate which emits ultraviolet rays (UVC) that kills all germs, bacteria, and viruses present in the contaminated water. This method is used for purifying seawater to drink or even used in boats while traveling. You will need an electric power supply and some copper plates in order to do this. As you know that ultraviolet rays (UVC) and no chlorine is used for sterilizing water, so it’s 100% pure and free from germicides present in commercial water purifiers

5. Solar Water Filtration

A solar-powered purifier offers a great way to make your own purified drinking water at home. It uses a simple filtration system involving a transparent plastic bag filled with contaminated water. When sunlight falls on this bag, it heats up the water inside which kills all germs and bacteria present in it. Now when you open the tap of this bag, it produces clean and germ-free water ready for your use! Using this method one can make up to 20 – 25 liters of water in one go.

It is a very simple and yet effective process that can be used for filtering out particles from seawater as well as from tap water. This solar-powered purifier is most beneficial especially in rural areas where electricity is not available. It’s been proven to kill about 90% of bacteria found in contaminated water with the help of sunlight.

6. Water Distiller

Distillation is the process of boiling contaminated water to evaporate it into steam which contains vapors that condense into pure water when cooled. This method uses heat energy to vaporize contaminated water into steam that later condenses back into purified drinking water. It is one of the most excellent ways to make your own distilled water for drinking. Now use this distilled water to hydrate your plants, no need of buying bottled or canned drinks anymore! You will need a stove, cooking pot, and some clean bottles ready and you are good to go!

Water Purifier

In conclusion,  these are the 6 best homemade water purifier projects you can do at home to get purified water for drinking. If you have been worrying about having clean and germ-free water,  go ahead and try these methods. If you prefer to engage a professional to install a water purifier in your home, you can reach out to Purity Singapore.

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