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5 Simple Ideas To Cut Down Your Water Heating Bills

Hot water is something that no homeowner can survive without. You need it for practically every daily activity, from bathing to washing, cleaning, and more. Even as it makes your life comfortable, heating costs are always a concern for homeowners. After all, you would want to curb the skyrocketing bills at some point. Fortunately, small savings go a long way when it comes to curbing heating bills. Here are some simple ideas that you can rely on for cutting down on them.

1. Lower the thermostat

Perhaps the quickest and simplest way to save up is by lowering the thermostat. Check the temperature your water heater is currently running on. If your thermostat is set anywhere above 120º F, turn it down. It is an optimal temperature for the human body, so you need not worry about the water being too cold or scalding hot. Moreover, every 10-degree reduction in the temperature can save 3 to 5 percent on the bills.

2. Fix leaky faucets

You may not be getting long energy bills only because of consuming too much power. Even a leaky faucet could be the reason for elevated energy usage. A faucet with a slow leak can cause massive wastage every year. Things can be worse if the leak comes from a hot water tap. Not only will you have to bear the expense of wasted water, but also the cost of the energy it took to get heated.

3. Switch to a tankless heater

If you are looking to save up on the heating costs for the long haul, you can make a smart investment for your living space. Switch to an electric tankless water heater right away because it can save you a fortune. Traditional storage-based heaters keep the stored water hot even when the tap is not running. It results in standby heat loss and can elevate your bills to a considerable extent. As you go tankless, water is heated only on demand, and there is no wastage.

4. Insulate the pipes and heater

Insulating the pipes and heater is another smart move to cut down the heat loss and spend less on energy. This step is necessary if you have an old heater because these appliances are susceptible to losing heat with time. Insulating the pipes is essential because they can cause peripheral heat loss otherwise. You need not spend a lot on insulation, but the measure can make a lot of difference to the bills.

5. Curb the usage of hot water

Another smart way to reduce your heating bills is by curbing the use of hot water. Small things go a long way. Taking shorter showers, washing laundry in cold water, and running the dishwasher only when it is full are some simple measures you can take in everyday life. Examine your routine, and you will probably find several opportunities to scale back on hot water usage.

When it comes to cutting down your water heating bills, it is much easier than you can imagine. Just pick these measures and you will notice a difference right away.

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