5 Reasons To Reinvent Your Guest Room
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5 Reasons To Reinvent Your Guest Room

You know the room right? A neglected room used for literally any purpose. If you’re anything like most of the population, your guest bedroom is used for well… pretty much anything other than accommodating guests. 

Do you have a room full of clutter? A completely empty room? A home office among the mess? An old kid’s bedroom? Whatever the use, chances are the room could be put to better use. In this post, we’re going to explore 6 reasons to reinvent your guest room. 

Why Reinvent Your Guest Room? 

While there are many super creative ways to utilize your guest bedroom, other than actually inviting people to stay, it’s more about having a room not completely wasted and one that serves a purpose. It doesn’t matter what, as long as you don’t have a completely useless room full of clutter, reinventing your guest room can be a beautiful home improvement. So why exactly should you reinvent your guest room?  

Adding Function to Your Home 

Empty rooms do nothing for your home and while having extra space is a very good problem to have in terms of homeownership, you still don’t want an empty gap in the middle of your home. I mean, what’s the point? 

This doesn’t mean you need to make it into a guest bedroom either. It just needs to serve a purpose. Perhaps a beautiful home office? A chill-out room? Games room? The world is yours when it comes to utilizing your guest bedroom, but, whatever you do, don’t leave it empty. 

Create a Dream Room 

Why not use that guest bedroom to create your dream room! We don’t just mean a nice guest bedroom either. You can really go for it and turn the room into literally anything you want. 

A cinema room maybe? A sports or game area? Personal gym? Mini-museum? Art studio? Apart from the size of your room, there really is no limit. But turning your spare room from one of the most neglected and overlooked areas of your home to one of the most loved and well-used is a sure-fire way to breathe some fresh air and love back into your home. 

Make Guests WANT to Stay 

Although we are all for the idea of turning your guest room into a super creative alternative room, you can simply use it as a guest bedroom after all. If you’ve got a regular stream of guests, why not just create a stunning bedroom? 

Filled with modern furniture, beautiful lighting, and amazing artwork. So when your friends come over, they’ll feel at home and probably compliment you on your amazing guest room. You could even go one step further and list your amazing re-invented guest room on Airbnb.

One thing you can do to ensure your guest has a comfortable stay is to purchase a new medium-firm mattress alongside all your other amazing furnishings. Just double-check both the mattress dimensions and bed frame dimensions first! Obviously, you need to check if it fits. 

Having a Good Ol’ De-clutter 

One of the main reasons to re-invent your guest room could be just to simply have a good declutter. Chances are your neglected room is a place where old belongings go to die or to be forgotten about for a few months or years… Until the big clean-out day. 

Well, that time might be now. Clear out everything that could be considered clutter from your guest bedroom (and your home overall) so you can have a room with a fresh canvas. From there, it’s completely up to you with what you do to the room and how creative you get. 

What It Says About Your Home 

Something worth considering, especially if you plan to list a room, is what your spare room says about you and your home in general. If it’s nothing more than a clutter-filled mess, what impression does that give to anyone who visits your home?

Compare that to a room that’s super unique and adds value to your home, for example, an amazing cinema room or beautiful modern bedroom, what impression does that give? 


So there we have it. If it is not clear now as to why you should completely reinvent your guest room, then perhaps we haven’t done our job of writing properly, or your guest room is already amazing. 

Whatever the reason you choose for re-inventing your guest room, just ask yourself, how can I best utilize this room and turn an average overlooked space into an incredible unique house element that I love? 

To summarize, here are the reasons for reinventing your guest room: 

  • Function 
  • Creating a dream room
  • Appeal to guests 
  • Decluttering 
  • Your homes credibility 

Get creative and start adding some function and love to your home.

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

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