5 Home Maintenance Projects You Should Never DIY
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5 Home Maintenance Projects You Should Never DIY

Home maintenance is undeniably essential for all homeowners. Unfortunately, neglecting maintenance will lead to inevitable costly repairs and, in some cases, extensive damage. But because keeping up with an annual home maintenance checklist can become quite costly, many homeowners opt for a DIY approach where possible. Even though DIY maintenance is suitable for some areas of the checklist, you should never attempt these five home maintenance projects on your own.

Electrical Work And Repairs

If your home needs electrical work or repairs, it’s best to cut costs by sourcing parts yourself and then reach out to a professional electrician to get the job done safely. You can quickly source a 30 amp breaker, one pole, and various other home electrical components to save a bit on repair and replacement costs.

Garage Door Repair

It might initially seem relatively straightforward to repair a garage door. However, this is not a job that can be done without specialized tools and expert knowledge.

Moreover, it’s often not cost-effective to go the DIY route here because the cost of tools will far outweigh the cost of professional assistance. But beyond costs, attempting to fix a garage door on your own could lead to serious injury. For example, if you tighten the torsion springs too much, they’re being compromised and could break; this could cause severe injury or extensive property damage.

Roof Repair

It’s crucial to have your roof inspected regularly. Roof inspections and repairs will prolong your roof’s lifespan, increase energy efficiency, and reduce health risks. Moreover, leave this job to professional roofers.

Professional roofers will conduct inspections to find indications of animal activity, damaged or missing shingles, algae, moss, or fungus growth, and identify leaks. This is only the very beginning of an inspection.

Nevertheless, conducting DIY inspections and repairs can result in severe and even catastrophic injury; falling from your roof could leave you paralyzed, if not confined to a hospital bed for prolonged periods.

DIY Tree Removal

Chopping down a tree that obstructs your view or causes damage to your property might seem like a straightforward task. However, tree felling is dangerous.

If you start chopping the tree at the wrong angle, you could injure yourself and others or cause even more damage. Instead, leave this job to professional tree fellers.

Removing Mold

Mold growth in a home is extremely hazardous to your health and that of your family. Inhaling mold spores can lead to a variety of unpleasant health conditions.

Moreover, removing mold without the right equipment and knowledge is a dangerous decision; this is no job for amateurs. Mold removal experts use special equipment and techniques to remove mold safely.

DIY Maintenance Tasks You Can Do

While some maintenance projects must be left to the professionals, there are still quite a few you can safely do on your own.

Cleaning the gutters and downspouts, repainting, finding and fixing minor leaks, clearing vents and filters, and insulating the attic are all safe DIY maintenance tasks you can handle with a bit of knowledge and basic tools.

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