5 Hacks To Improve Your House Safety
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5 Hacks To Improve Your House Safety

Keeping your house safe and secure is a matter of prime importance. Burglars, kidnappers, and even hackers can use the loose ends in your home security to loot you. In rural places, wild animals and poisonous insects might enter the house and harm the family members. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to safeguard your home with advanced technology. Here are 5 hacks to improve your house safety.

Upgrade door locks and secure windows

Upgrade your locks when you move to a new property. The old owner might have a spare key that they might use to enter the home at any time. Select the best digital locks and alarms that will go off at night or when someone tries to tamper with your house safety. It will also be beneficial if burglars try to enter your home after you have locked it and gone for a trip or outing. You can also use video doorbells to open the door and capture who is lingering on your porch.

Some alarms will automatically alert the nearby police station and send you a mobile message. It is wise to check if there is a mailbox in the door, remove it, and keep it at a distance. Burglars break the mailbox or the pet door and insert equipment through them to open the door in many thefts.

Always install window bars and plant thorny shrubs under the ground floor windows. Install good locks on the windows and maintain them properly. If you live in an area with a high theft rate, invest in window films. It acts like a mobile tempered glass giving an extra layer of protection. The window glass won’t shatter immediately if someone tries to break it. Pairing it up with a window sensor that detects shattering will theft-proof your windows.

Install lights around the house for house safety

It is better to install lights near the garage and outside the porch in the pathway. Set automatic lights that turn off and on at different intervals to fool the burglars. Use smart lights you can turn on from your mobile in your garden. Switching them off and on when you are at work or travelling will fool the burglars checking out locked or abandoned houses. They will get the impression somebody is visiting the place.

Check for all the hide-out points around your house, like behind the garage, unused toolbox room, and behind the bushes, and keep those places well-lit at night. Install motion-sensing lights, which will turn on if a person walks in the sensor’s vicinity. It will scare away the thieves like no other security system. Solar and smart lights will help you save on your energy cost if you want to keep the lights on all night.

Invest in a home security system

Investing in a complete home security system with cameras, alarms, and motion sensors will eliminate the need to illuminate the outer part of the home all night. Consider it an investment that will protect your entire family and all the valuable things inside your home. Talk with the experts and learn about various smart home security systems available.

Choose the best one suitable for your budget, the size of your home, and the security level of your area. It is wise to make decisions based on the advice of other customers or friends already using that particular security system. You can also read various reviews about the home security systems online before deciding. Compare multiple solutions from different brands before selecting the best one for your home.

Keep your outdoors clean

Keeping your garden, garage, and pool area clean for three main reasons is essential. First, it will help avoid too much debris, attracting ants and rats like a magnet. Second, it will prevent various insects from making homes in the trash, unmowed lawns, and shrubs that are never trimmed. And lastly, unmaintained outdoor areas give lots of room for burglars to hide or set a trap.

Sign up with an agency to maintain your outdoor area well even when you are not in the house for several months. It will create the appearance of somebody using the home regularly. Just Google for an agency name in your location and crosscheck individual’s details on Nuwber to ensure they are legitimate people.

Team up with them to maintain your outdoors regularly. Always keep the garage locks and shutters in condition and well protected. Fence the pool area well and install cameras and sensors for extra house safety. Use pet sensors if necessary and use self-latching gates to protect the poolside.

Safeguard the fences and gates

Safeguarding the fences and gates is the next important thing to do in the home. Select smart gates that open at your voice command or sense your fingerprint. Install sensors and the alarms along your fences to warn you when someone tries to jump inside. Keep the front fences short to see what is happening clearly from the house. Keep the back side fences high and strong with thorny climbers or glasses at the top.

It is best to hire a person to keep an eye on the entire street at night and pay them to share the expenses with the neighbors. Always maintain a good rapport with your neighbours and call them for help if you suspect something fishy. Be ready to return the favor if they fear something unusual on their property.

It is wise to stay updated about the various thefts in the area. Use apps that connect locals and inform you about thugs who live in the area. Search for neighbourhood crime watch apps on Google Playstore and install them on your mobile. Stay connected and well-informed about theft in various theft styles in the area and take precautions to protect your house from them diligently.

Do not compromise on your house safely, even for a single day. Staying careless will only lead to huge losses, and regularly fixing minor things like door hinges and garage locks will help you stay safe from several thefts.

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