3 DIY Home Renovation Projects to Do with Kids and Why You Should
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3 DIY Home Renovation Projects to Do with Kids and Why You Should

How many DIY home renovation projects have you undertaken in the past only to find that most of the time was spent keeping the kids from underfoot? They always had a million and one questions to ask and when they could think of no more, they started down the list once again. Then, you’d have to scold them for picking up the tools when you weren’t looking or trying to reach for the roller brush when you were busy painting the detail around the wall you had just painted.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe they wanted to help you with your projects? Although there are some things which are just too dangerous for little kids to do, there are some tasks they can do and the older they are, the more you can teach them to do. Why not start with these three home renovation projects any child can easily help with?

1. Planting a Flower Bed Along the Walkway

This is something quite fun to do with kids of just about any age. Whether they are your natural children or kids placed with you by Fosterplus, it’s fun to do and they will learn a lot about nature and what these plants do for you besides the beauty they have to offer. Some flowers are actually medicinal like:

Once you’ve planted the seedlings, you can wash up and go inside to look up what each of these flowering plants have been used for as natural medicine throughout the ages. Some are taken as teas and others as tinctures. Either way, it’s a learning experience they’ll never forget.

2. DIY Home Renovation Projects – Paint the Shed

There’s almost nothing kids like better than painting. As long as you are ‘renovating’ your walkway and garden with flowers, why not refresh that old shed with a bit of paint? Just be careful to dress the kids in their oldest clothes because you will be lucky if they get as much paint on the shed as they do on themselves.

The next day, when the paint is dry, let them put a lovely decal on the sides of the shed. Choose something from nature like perhaps stickers with pictures of the flowers you’ve just planted. Then when they begin to blossom, you can walk the kids out to the shed to see if they can identify each flower by name. Besides being educational, it is quality time spent with mum or dad.

3. Decorate the Kids’ Room with Removable Vinyl Stickers

While you are at it with the stickers, why not take out your Cricut die cutter and cut some vinyl temporary stickers for the kids room? You can layer superheroes, princesses and even characters from their favourite books. Little children will probably want Peppa Pig and George while older kids may not want stickers, but they won’t object to decals of their favourite characters from the games they incessantly play.

It’s really all about having fun and spending quality time together, but kids can learn so much from all those crafty renovations they do together with you. It’s especially important for foster kids to learn what it’s like to spend quality time with adults because, unfortunately, that may be something they’ve missed in their young years. What can kids learn? They can learn that with a little creativity, you can make just about anything your own and this is how it’s done.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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