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5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your RV Shower

Taking a shower while camping outdoors can be a hassle but if you are camping in an RV, taking a shower becomes so much more convenient. You can easily freshen yourself up after a long day of hiking or any other activity. However, despite the convenience that an RV shower offers, there are times when you will find them to be ill-equipped. Therefore, upgrading your RV shower is necessary before going out on a camping adventure. You can find different ways to upgrade your shower!

Limitations of an RV shower

5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your RV Shower
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Just like the RV, showers can be small and compact. Due to the small size, you will find that there is limited space to place all necessary items like soap, shampoo, razors, and so on. If you place these items on a shelf, they can fall off while the RV is moving.

Apart from space constraints, RV showers also come with the problem of boondocking and water capacity. RV holding tanks determine the length of your shower while boondocking. The size of your holding tank depends on the size and model of your RV. A small holding tank conserves less water which means that you have to refill your tanks frequently.

How to upgrade your RV shower?

RV showers may come with some limitations, but that does not mean that you can’t upgrade them according to your needs. Here are five ways in which you can upgrade your shower:

  1. Replace your showerhead

RVs come with pre-installed showerheads, but they do not give you good water pressure. We recommend replacing your showerhead with a new one. With the right showerhead, you can not only get good water pressure but also use less water while showering. You can even shower for a long time without the fear of running out of hot water. Less usage of water also helps with the conservation of water. This means that the fresh tank can hold water for longer. You can look at our list of top picks for RV shower heads.

  1. Manage your space properly

RV showers come with an extreme lack of space which is why you need to manage them properly. Since you can’t increase the size of your shower, managing your space can make it less cramped. If you have less shelf space, you need to get yourself some soap dispensers. Not only do these wall-mounted dispensers help manage space, but they also solve the issue of items falling off the shelf while you drive.

  1. Curved curtain rod

The compact and limited space in the RV showers can be quite frustrating. You will find yourself touching the walls and knocking off things while you shower. However, since you can’t physically increase the size of your shower, you can improve your space by installing curved curtain rods. A curved curtain rod pulls the curtain away from the middle, allowing you to shower with more room to move around.

  1. Install a water heater

If you like taking hot showers, but find it extremely frustrating when the RV tank runs out of hot water, then you should invest in an on-demand water heater. Although pricey, this gadget can make your shower experience so much better. They are definitely worth the price. You can even use these heaters while boondocking. As long as you have power, the heater will run properly to give you hot water to enjoy.

  1. Get a water pressure regulator

Water pressure is a huge issue in an RV shower. This is not just an upgrade but a necessity since you can get varying amounts of pressure from water connections in the campgrounds that your park is in.

Both high and low water pressure can result in different kinds of problems. High water pressure can be damaging to the pipes and drainage of your RV. On the other hand, low water pressure can end up having you waste a lot more water. This is why you need to regulate water pressure. Ideally, your water pressure should be around 40-50 PSI. You can buy an adjustable or non-adjustable regulator and set the pressure accordingly.

RV Shower Maintenance

On the off chance that water protection is important because you’re dry setting up camp, 5 minutes or less in the shower is suggested. If you have water hookups and saving water isn’t required, you can, in fact, clean up however long your heated water will endure. When RVing, a 10-minute shower is sensible. And you also ought to dump your dark water tank each 3-5 days.

Final Thoughts

You might find many problems in a regular RV shower, but if you want to have a good experience, then you should look into upgrading your RV. Having an upgraded RV shower can enhance your camping experience.

Photo by Farzn Dehbashi on Unsplash

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