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5 Common Home Features Buyers Love

If you are in the market to buy a home, there are many different home features that can make your life easier. You might be looking for extra storage space or an open floor plan with lots of natural light. Whatever your needs may be, it’s important to know what buyers love about each feature before making any decisions. This is where a real estate agent can help you, by providing information on the latest trends and most important features. Miller Metcalfe is an agency that has teams in different areas in the UK, including Preston, and you can click here to learn more. Their professional services and 130 years of experience will surely exceed your expectations. But what do people who have bought homes typically like? We looked at five common features and found out why they’re so popular in the real estate world. The first is big closets which give homeowners more room to store their belongings and clothes than they could ever need in just one bedroom. To find out what other features other buyers love, continue reading. 

Home Features – Flexible Space

The one thing that buyers are most interested in these days is space that is flexible, and this is because houses have changed quite a bit over the years. Typically in the past, houses would have a large area for a dining room, people would actually go to work and come home in the evenings, and everyone would spend time together after dinner watching television.

These days many people are working from home, and most don’t eat dinner at the dining table anymore. More than this, many people are watching movies and series on their laptops in their bedrooms. This means that people want a house that provides flexible space, which means having a room for an office, and most houses don’t have space for a dining area.

Renovated Kitchen

One of the most important rooms in a house these days is the kitchen, and even before today. A kitchen has always been the heart of the home since this is where most of the conversation happens, and where food is prepared. As such, home buyers love having a kitchen that is newly renovated, or one that has enough space for all of the necessary home appliances.

If you are a new home buyer and aren’t sure of the common appliances, there is the refrigerator, the oven, the stove, the microwave, kettle, coffee machine, and more. Some people expect houses to have space in the kitchen for a washing machine since bathrooms these days have become more of a place to relax.

En-suite Main Bathroom

In the past, many people would have to scramble in the mornings to get to the bathroom first, which was shared by the entire house. Since then, it has become normal for houses to contain more than one bathroom. These days homebuyers expect houses to have an en-suite main bathroom.

This makes a lot of sense considering it makes life a lot more convenient, and if you have kids this means that you won’t have to leave your room and the kids can share the bathroom in the house. Of course, these bathrooms are expected to also have showers, since not only are they more efficient with water consumption, they are great for those in a hurry, which suits everyone’s needs.

Home Features- Storage Space

For many homebuyers, one aspect of a house that is particularly persuasive is storage space. Because not everyone has the money to buy massive houses, many people buy modest properties, and as such, with limited space in the actual house, storage space becomes incredibly important. One of the best features of storage space is built-in cupboards; houses with these sell much faster than those without.

This is because built-in cupboards don’t take up that much space, since they are built into the walls. More than this, home buyers won’t have to spend any more money to buy cupboards, which can be quite expensive when three to five is needed.

A Fenced Yard

Another feature that is an absolute must for home buyers is a fenced yard, and this feature is rising in popularity with each passing year. Having a fenced yard offers many benefits, like security and privacy. Another benefit is the fact that it allows you to have dogs on the property, allowing them to run around the front yard. Statistics show that around 57% of people own pets, of which, 33% own dogs, which means that almost half of the people looking to buy a house in the world will most likely have a dog.

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