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5 Best Ways to Lay Out Your Living Room

Living rooms are welcoming spaces with enough room for everyone. As the center of your home, it’s important to create an inviting atmosphere in order to keep guests coming back and justify its use as both family hearth room and entertaining area alike. 

There is no perfect living room layout – but luckily, we’ve found 5 ways that will suit most needs beautifully.

1. Consider Your Spacing

There should always be 3 feet between yourself when walking through these areas. This way, movement feels effortless, ultimately leading people to stay longer at their next dinner party or catch up on some TV time after work without wanting to go check phones first.

2. Determine Your Focal Point

The focal point is what will make your room feel like home. Paintings, artwork, and a cozy fireplace are all great ways to create this feeling of comfort in the area that you spend most days. 

In many modern-day homes, the focal point might be an entertainment system, the best 75 Inch TV under 1000 or large windows overlooking scenery such as gardens or lakes outside; whatever makes you happy should work for your house too.

3. Float Your Furniture in a Narrow Living Room

Sometimes, a sofa might just look awkward when it’s arranged against the wall – especially if it’s a long and narrow living room. If that’s the case, ‘floating’ your carefully chosen, stain resistant fabric furniture might be the best way forward. 

Placing your sofa in the center of the room to face the focal point creates a particular area of its own and may feel more cozy and intimate, making it easier for people to interact.

A floating sofa will naturally form ‘lanes’ for walking through your space since it functions as the key piece of furniture in the living room. This also frees up the walls, so feel free to hang artwork or photographs to dress up those bare surfaces. And if you need extra storage, place shelves or a sideboard to keep things organized.

4. Make Lighting a Priority

To create the perfect ambiance in your living room, you must invest time into getting the lighting right. There are many types of fixtures and bulbs for various needs: task lights that provide adequate illumination while watching TV or reading. 

Bias lightings are explicitly designed as a solution when playing games like the pool at night can help avoid glare from screens, so people don’t strain their eyes looking directly into them without any distractions around it. Add accent lamps that highlight artwork on display (or even candles) by giving off a gentle glow and ambient mood-setting illuminations throughout.

5. Proportion Is Important in a Living Room Layout

The rule of proportion is to keep your easy clean upholstery fabric furniture more compact in a small space. This will help give the impression that it belongs there and not feel as though you’re trying too hard or putting things wherever they don’t belong because of how large something appears compared to its environment.

Photo by Nathan Van Egmond on Unsplash

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